Simpson, prosecution witness shake hands in hallway

O.J. Simpson met in the courthouse hallway Thursday with one of the memorabilia dealers he is accused of robbing, and the two men said they were willing to let bygones be bygones.

"It was the moment, that's all it was, one bad moment," Simpson said after smiling, chatting and shaking hands with Bruce Fromong, who was the first person to testify against the former football star in the armed robbery-kidnapping trial.

"It was a set of events that happened, and things just rolled and everything just happened," Fromong said of the Sept. 13, 2007, hotel room confrontation in Las Vegas.

Fromong and his wife, Lynette, said they were at the courthouse to watch the trial, which resumed Thursday with Simpson lawyer Gabriel Grasso cross-examining Charles Cashmore, a man who played a small role in the incident but testified that he saw two guns in the room.

After Fromong met with prosecutor Chris Owens and a Clark County district attorney's office investigator, the Fromongs left the courtroom.

Judge Jackie Glass has prohibited defendants and witnesses from contacting each other, invoking a Las Vegas justice of the peace's earlier ban on such communication, even by "carrier pigeon."

Fromong told The Associated Press in the hallway that he had been released as a witness.

Simpson and Fromong had a long business and personal relationship before the incident, and Simpson is heard on audio recordings secretly made of the confrontation expressing surprise to find Fromong in the room.