Sister-in-law indicted in pregnant woman's death

A 31-year-old woman was indicted on murder charges for stabbing her pregnant sister-in-law in October, prosecutors said Friday.

Elinor Indico stabbed Ashley Indico 14 times after an argument about Elinor Indico moving out their apartment on Rancho Drive, near Decatur Boulevard, prosecutor Tierra Jones said. The unborn child also died in the attack.

Elinor Indico faces one count each of murder with use of a deadly weapon, manslaughter by killing an unborn child and child abuse, neglect or endangerment.

Judge Gloria Sturman ordered Elinor Indico be held without bond at the Clark County Detention Center.

An arraignment hearing was set for Nov. 19.

Police were called to the apartment by a neighbor after Ashley Indico’s 5-year-old son came to the neighbor’s door covered in blood.

Police found Ashley Indico locked in a room. She was facedown in a large pool of blood. In between her legs was a multicolored, double-blade knife.

Elinor Indico had stab wounds of her own, which slightly damaged her intestines. She was treated at University Medical Center.

A Clark County coroner’s investigator noted that Ashley Indico had stab wounds in the back of her head, side of her neck, her left arm, which was broken, and a post-mortem stab wound on her left ankle.

Elinor Indico admitted to detectives that the knife, which she called a “ninja knife,” was hers and that she kept it in her suitcase.

She told police she was acting in self-defense and that Ashley Indico initiated the fight after finding the knife and threatening to kill her.

Elinor Indico said she was able to take the knife back after Ashley Indico stabbed her in the stomach.

Elinor Indico’s brother — Ashley Indico’s husband — Aristeo Indico, told police that Elinor Indico called him earlier and told him that she was going to lose the house she was living in. He drove to Granada Hills, Calif., and brought her back to Las Vegas to temporarily live with them.

He told police that his sister had a history of violence and drugs. He told her she had to leave after he found his sister smoking ground-up pills in their bathroom.

Elinor Indico’s lawyer, deputy public defender Norm Reed, said he hopes prosecutors presented all of the evidence of self-defense to the grand jury as required by state law.

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