Some motorists to get DMV notice seeking insurance status

The Department of Motor Vehicles is sending out notices asking some motorists to verify their insurance coverage because of confusion over the division's new law called Nevada Liability Insurance Validated Electronically (LIVE).

The law that went into effect earlier this year not only requires motorists to show proof of insurance when registering their vehicles or renewing their registration, but it requires insurance companies to submit their records to the DMV at least every 15 days. When companies fail to upload their records, drivers "fall off" the Department of Motor Vehicles' books and it looks as though they are uninsured, according to spokesman Tom Jacobs.

Jacobs said insurance companies' failure to submit records spanned from Feb. 1 to Feb. 17, 2010. The department is sending out notices to motorists who might have been effected by the lapse.

"If you receive a postcard, don't panic, that's just us requesting some information," Jacobs said.

The confusion triggered a rumor that the department lost records when it made the transition to the Nevada LIVE program. Jacobs said that is not true. Motorists may visit the department's website at to view and update their insurance information.