Video shows giant fish tank burst open at Disney restaurant

Patrons at a Downtown Disney restaurant in Orlando, Fla., were sent scrambling on Monday after a large fish tank burst open, sending water gushing into the restaurant’s dining room.

Cellphone video of the incident, which occurred in the T-Rex Cafe, shows a large cylinder-shaped tank with what appears to be a crack down one side. One witness told the Orlando Sentinel that water began gushing out of the tank for no reason, causing people to scramble out of the way as workers rushed in to save the fish.

“There was a lot of commotion,” Kate Wallace, 28, said. “The whole section just sort of went crazy.”

Witnesses told the station that employees scooped up the fish in a net as the tank emptied.

A Disney spokesman told WKMG the leak was caused by a failed seal on the tank and that all of the fish survived.

There were no injuries.

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