WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporters' notebook

By now, you've probably seen the dress pop star Katy Perry wore during Wednesday's late-night rally for President Barack Obama. And if you haven't, you should look it up on the Internet immediately.

Perry's skin-tight latex number was made to look like a ballot marked for the Obama-Biden ticket.

So what would happen if Perry or anyone else tried to go to the polls dressed like that?

The short answer is nothing, according to Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax. When confronted by voters in partisan clothing, poll workers are instructed to "get them in and get them out" as quickly as possible, he said.

Apparently, Nevada law doesn't allow election officials to ask people to take off their clothes before voting.

"Strange, isn't it?" Lomax said. "If you thought there would be any state where you could order someone to strip, this would be it."


Ah, life at the speed of the Internet.

When news broke Friday that U.S. Sen. Harry Reid had been taken to the hospital after his motorcade was involved in a crash, it triggered a media tsunami that sent reporters scattering to the accident scene, University Medical Center and anywhere else they could think of.

Somehow, though, in those frenzied first few minutes, someone found the time to add this to Reid's bio on Wikipedia: "In October 2012, Reid was hospitalized after a car crash in Las Vegas."


During last week's Stars and Stripes Association reunion at South Point, photographer Red Grandy recalled the key players behind his 1951 photo of the year of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower reacting with surprise to news that President Harry Truman had fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur for undercutting Truman's Korean War policy.

According to Grandy, "MacArthur had once said of Eisenhower: 'He was the best damned clerk I ever had.' But when Ike was asked about MacArthur, Ike said, 'Yes, I studied dramatics under MacArthur for nine years.' "


TWEET OF THE WEEK: @RJVegasBeat (Review-Journal scribe Benjamin Spillman) The presidential motorcade longhauled @BarackObama from the #Vegas Strip to LAS. Where is Taxicab Authority when you need them?