WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporter's Notebook

Who knew the crown jewels would be so valuable?

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority estimates the naked photos of Prince Harry's recent royal romp in town raked in about $23 million in free publicity.

Although what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas this time, tourism officials don't seem to mind.

"God bless Prince Harry," Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins said at a recent tourism board meeting. "He made us a bunch of money."


Congressional candidate Dina Titus missed out on Bill Clinton's recent Las Vegas stop to stump for Barack Obama and Nevada's Democratic congressional candidates.

The former president, who's also known as Bubba, missed the native Georgian twang of his fellow Southerner.

"You know why I'm really sorry Dina couldn't come today? Because whenever she's with me, she's got a bigger Southern accent than I do, and I feel right at home," Clinton said.


Clinton also mentioned a visit to the Ivanpah solar project near Primm, praising its size and diverse workforce.

"They're European, African-American, Asian, Latino," he said. "Near as I can tell, the only thing they had in common was a very wide array of extremely impressive tattoos."


An embarrassed member of the production crew for VegasPBS had his cellphone go off right in the middle of Thursday's taping of the debate between Republican Rep. Joe Heck and Democratic challenger John Oceguera.

And it wasn't your standard ring, either. The man's phone played a song: "All Along the Watchtower," written by Bob Dylan and made famous by Jimi Hendrix.

Specifically, his phone played the very beginning of the song, which starts with the lines, " 'There must be some kind of way out of here' / said the joker to the thief / 'There's too much confusion / I can't get no relief.' "

Insert your own punch line here.