WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporters' notebook

As Judge James Bixler moved through his morning calendar early last week, he came across a familiar defendant's name.

After Bixler called the case, the defendant's lawyer said the court needed to wait because his client needed an interpreter.

"He's been here so long his English should be getting better," Bixler quipped.

Lawyers in the courtroom began to laugh. So did the defendant.

Prosecutor Christopher Lalli immediately noted the laughter and asked that the record reflect that the defendant understood what was being said. Lalli was not smiling.


Baseball cards in mint condition can fetch a pretty penny depending on the player. Autographed ones can earn even more.

That is, unless you're Clark County Commissioner Larry Brown.

Sporting a bright yellow Las Vegas Stars uniform, shaggy hair and a mustache, Brown, who was a young relief pitcher for the team in 1983 and 1984, is featured in the collection of local card collector "Foul Ball" Paul Jones.

An $8 price tag clung to the card's case as Jones showed it off at Tuesday's commission meeting. That prompted a smiling Commissioner Steve Sisolak to ask whether the card would be worth more if Brown signed it.

Without missing a beat, Jones said the card plus autograph would still be worth "about eight bucks."


A pair of don't-call-me-elderly men waiting in line for breakfast at a local restaurant on Sunday morning decided to pass on a chance to buy a copy of the Review-Journal - at least for a bit.

"Want to see if we're in the obituaries?" one man asked.

"Let's get breakfast first."


TWEET OF THE WEEK: @jbarro (Josh Barro, writer for Bloomberg View's The Ticker) You know what was awesome? The other night when I drunk-dialed Harry Reid and told him Mitt Romney paid no taxes for 10 years.