WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporters' Notebook

A group of Pahrump residents is trying to get Nye County Assessor Shirley Matson recalled from office because of racially insensitive remarks she made about workers on a county job.

In an email to the Nye County sheriff, she said the immigration status of the workers should be checked because they "appeared to be Mexican/Latino and non-English speaking."

Later on she showed off her own English skills.

During a recent tiff with recall organizers, Matson wrote up some signs and taped them on vehicles parked outside her county office. One slogan read: "Send these exstreme radicals back to the hole they came out off."

Another read: "The are nothing more then U.S. haters."


A simple question like "What time is it?" can get a little complicated out on Lake Mead, since part of the reservoir is in Nevada and part is in Arizona.

The two states are in different time zones, but Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time so it is one hour ahead of Nevada for part of the year and on the same time for the rest.

But take heart, boaters. Lake Powell upstream is even worse. Powell straddles the border of Utah, which does observe Daylight Savings Time and Arizona, which doesn't.

The Navajo Reservation, adjacent to the recreation area in Arizona, also switches to Daylight Savings Time. But the Hopi Reservation, which lies within the Navajo Reservation, does not make the switch.

And if all that wasn't confusing enough, there is Dangling Rope Marina. It's in Utah, but it runs on Arizona time.

If anyone asks, just point to your empty wrist and tell them you're on vacation.


U.S. District Judge Philip Pro, who has been a member of Nevada's federal bench for 31 years, told a reporter last week that he has a favorite tidbit of advice that he likes to share with his law clerks:

"The imperfect decision I make today is better than the perfect decision I never make."