Family never knew of any health woe

Danny Gans' family never had an inkling that he had a serious health problem.

Not once?

"Never!" his son, Andrew, 19, said firmly, after Thursday's memorial for his father at the Encore Theater. It came as a complete shock, said Andrew in the first interview granted by a family member since Danny Gans' death.

"We knew he had high blood pressure but was taking something to control that, and he had to watch what he ate."

So what about the reports that his father wasn't feeling well prior to his death and seemed to be sending signals to close friends that he was aware something was seriously wrong?

"There are some bad..." he said, searching for the right word, "rumors out there."

Meanwhile, the family awaits toxicology results, hoping for medical answers.

During our 10-minute walk from the theater to the reception area, Andrew disclosed that his father was pleased with a career decision his son had recently made.

Andrew told his dad he was going to acting school this summer in Hollywood. He started taking acting lessons about three months ago.

"He was really happy for me and told me 'Do whatever you want to do and go wherever God takes you," said Andrew, who, like his father, was drafted by a major league baseball team.

The Gans family wore black and red to the memorial, Gans' favorite colors and the combination he wore on stage through most of his 13 years as a Las Vegas headliner.

Wife Julie also wore her late husband's wedding ring over hers and a dog tag-like necklace with the initials "DG," a gift she had made for him.

They had met in college at San Luis Obispo, after she noticed Gans staring at her while she was hanging out with friends.

"We named him 'Joe Ferramina' because he looked Italian," said Julie, in between being greeted by well-wishers.

After they met, he told her he noticed her because of her laugh. "He said that I would be a good audience."

They got married four years to the day after they met. Over the years, he called her "Jo" and she called him "Joey," as in Joey Ferramina.

Their oldest child, Amy, 21, wore a red sash with a black dress. She's enrolled at UNLV's hotel school, majoring in meetings and events, with a minor in entertainment.

Emily, 14, wore red cowboy boots with her black dress. Andrew was in his dad's signature black-and-white shoes, known as Spectators, along with the red socks his dad wore every night.

All three went to the stage to talk about their father. When they left the stage, Andrew hung back.

"I wanted his shoes to be the last ones to leave the stage," he said.


The massive 75,000-square foot "Transformers 2" wrap that covers most of the east side of the Luxor might be just the beginning.

The Luxor is in talks with a major film studio to rent the surface for a year to promote multiple new films.

Millions of airline passengers annually view the Luxor from McCarran International Airport.

Luxor President Felix Rappaport said his vice president of marketing, Brad Goldberg, and Luxor partner Sky Tag "continue to use Luxor as the ultimate marketing and advertising 'canvas.' " He added, "As Brad always says, 'If you've got the cash, we've got the glass.' "


The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens has unveiled its summer tribute. The features: sunflowers, a lemonade stand, a 42-foot-high Ferris wheel and an aviary with exotic birds.


At Gans' memorial: entertainers Donny and Marie Osmond, Siegfried Fischbacher, Rita Rudner, Criss Angel, Clint Holmes and Kelly Clinton, Earl Turner, Carrot Top, George Wallace, and The Scintas. Spotted at the reception held by the family in the Margaux room at Wynn: KVBC-TV, Channel 13 entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs, former Gov. Bob Miller (Andrew Gans attended Bob Miller Middle School), entertainer Gerry McCambridge, and Mitch Fox, host and producer of Nevada Week in Review. ... NBC sportcaster Bob Costas, dining with his wife at Wolfgang Puck's Postrio (Venetian) on Wednesday night.


"The Somali pirate on trial in Manhattan was indicted on 10 charges of piracy. His bail was set at 100 doubloons." -- Jimmy Fallon

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