'Joe the Plumber' too booked for LV

Efforts to bring "Joe the Plumber" to the Global Gaming Expo have gone down the drain.

Joe the Plumber had commitments to be Joe the Opportunist.

Ohio plumber Joe Wurzelbacher was listed among the lineup of celebrities heading for the world's largest gaming trade show, which is being held this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

His newly hired agent, Nashville, Tenn., public relations guru Jim Della Croce, is on a how-to-brand-your-casino panel at the trade show, and thought Wurzelbacher's presence would translate into good exposure.

But he has guest appearances in Los Angeles this week and a commitment to work on his new book in Dallas.

"He's a great example of someone who's got their 15 minutes of fame and is trying to capitalize on it," said Clinton Billups, an entertainment executive with G2E.

Della Croce put Joe the Plumber on the phone with me Sunday for an update on his life since becoming a media sensation after his name was invoked by both candidates in the presidential election.

Life won't be normal anytime soon, he said. He made national headlines in late September when his question about tax policy resulted in a response by Barack Obama that he wants to "spread the wealth" around by raising taxes on families earning more than $250,000 a year.

Joe the Plumber might find himself in that tax bracket.

He said he had 10 different letters from 10 different writers who wanted to do his book.

"It wasn't easy to turn down $1 million," he said. He settled on Austin, Texas, writer and publisher Tom Tabback to help him write "Joe the Plumber -- Fighting for the American Dream." It is to be released Dec. 1.

Offers of all kinds came at him: radio show host ("I'm looking into it"), endorsements for plumbing products, clothing lines (low-rider pants, perhaps? Or belts, we hope), guest appearances on TV and radio and as a political headliner.

A lady recently pitched him, he said, on toilet seat stickers that read: "Flush Out Washington" and "Hire Me to Spread the Wealth."

Billups, who stressed he is apolitical in his G2E position, added another possibility: Joe the Plumber would be a draw for casinos in states "that went red in the election."


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