American Taliban creates deadly climate

To the editor:

What's sad about the murder of Kansas Dr. George Tiller is that the abortions he performed were legal. But not to the anti-abortion fanatics, who act like the Muslim Taliban, demanding that all Americans must follow their beliefs.

In their hate-filled world, Dr. Tiller was Tiller the Killer, a baby murderer, and other such nasty remarks. Living in this repressive climate, Scott Roeder, Dr. Tiller's alleged murderer, felt it was his duty to stop the doctor from performing more abortions. Most of the same people and groups who were part of the chorus denouncing this doctor now try to avoid being connected to his murder.

Don't think the American Taliban will stop trying to set up an America they can control. We know that these same types claim that President Barack Obama is a Marxist who wants to turn the country into a communist nation, or that he is the anti-Christ.

I wonder how many Scott Roeders there are out there who hear this constant barrage of nasty swill and believe it is their patriotic duty to assassinate the president?

It used to be that Americans could agree to disagree, but not this bunch. It's their way or no way.

Richard J. Mundy


Freedom lost

To the editor:

Thursday's Review-Journal editorial, "Health care 'reform,' " was anchored with an extremely appropriate parallel to the degenerate con game perpetrated by the duke and the dauphin in Mark Twain's classic, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," relative to the present administration and Democratic Congress. That is, a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress successfully striving by decree to confiscate and control America's private production and distribution of wealth -- and, in the process, facilitating the destruction of as many individual liberties as necessary, all for your own good, of course.

Marxism, just as promised.

Begin with government seizure of private business and the multiple bailouts of industries -- all at extraordinary taxpayer expense. Continue with proposals to implement multiple schemes including a European-style 25 percent value added tax to support socialized and rationed health care; the subsidization of mass illegal immigration, including their attendant welfare costs in pursuit of votes; and a hugely expensive "cap and trade" program designed to stop us from becoming self-sufficient through our own fossil fuel energy deposits.

All of this and more -- while simultaneously rewarding the "green" investments of powerful congressional supporters and individuals such as Al Gore, whose promotion of "green snake oil" combined with his "global warming" fraud have already earned him more than $100 million from special interests since leaving the White House.

Consider Mr. Obama's plans for a Supreme Court making decisions by way of "empathy" and consideration of "foreign laws" rather than based solely upon our own constitutional law. How many more attacks on fundamental rights can be defended after Mr. Obama's nominations join the Supreme Court?

Marxism, just as promised.

Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party promised a socialist Valhalla at a cost only to the rich. History repeatedly reveals, however, that the delivery of this socialist/fascist state can occur only by way of irreparable societal destruction, immense economic cost, and after the loss of individual rights for virtually everyone.

Indeed, cheer on the duke and the dauphin at your next Democratic fundraiser -- after all, it's only their hand in your pocket and their foot on your throat.

K.D. Adams


Good luck

To the editor:

In response to your Wednesday front-page article, "Mideast counting on Obama":

The second headline on the article was: "Great, varied expectations await president in Egypt."

Good luck, Mideast! Many here in the United States also had great expectations. Let's hope you do better with yours than those many here in America have done with theirs.

Al Ciricillo


Tax hogwash

To the editor:

I can't believe that the Legislature would raise our taxes by $1 billion in this economy. And why would anybody in their right mind listen to one word from Jan Gilbert of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, who says things like, "Most people won't feel any effects from the tax increase"?

She also said that people are not shopping as much. Then what good will the sales tax increase do?

We will all feel it when it comes time to register our cars and trucks. And every time we buy something.

The moral of the story: PLAN is looking to separate you from your cash. Remember in the next election who voted for this hogwash.

Brian Towers