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'Nutcracker' sizzles with special effects

It's a gift, to be sure - but one so resplendently wrapped that the contents can't possibly compete with the elaborate exterior packaging. That's Nevada Ballet Theatre's new edition of "The Nutcracker," which opened Saturday at The Smith Center and...

Skillful Buckley makes Broadway hymns hers

She's the man. Which is exactly how Betty Buckley wants it in "Ah, Men! The Boys of Broadway." Buckley's one-woman salute to Broadway classics, men's division - which continues tonight and Sunday at The Smith Center's Cabaret Jazz - ranks as a...

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'Act of Valor' mixes fact, fiction

Maybe you remember a TV commercial from some years back, in which an actor pitches an over-the-counter medication by advising viewers, "I'm not a doctor -- but I play one on TV." Substitute "Navy SEAL" for "doctor," switch the slogan around and you'...

'This Means War' a slogging bromance

What would Cary Grant do? That's the question I generally ask myself when pondering a new romantic comedy: Is this the sort of movie Cary Grant would do? (Grant being, of course, the gold standard when it comes to combining on-screen love and laughs...