'Sopranos' shooting up Vegas

HBO's "The Sopranos," which calls New Jersey home, sings "Viva Las Vegas" this week with a three-day location visit to capture footage for its seventh and final season.

Caesars Palace provides the primary setting, with shots planned in the casino and a hotel suite, at the pool and the front valet entrance and at Restaurant Guy Savoy.

Plans for the location shoot, scheduled Tuesday through Thursday, also include a Red Rock stop to capture a scenic desert sunrise. (You can't get that kind of view from Atlantic City, the usual gambling hangout of "The Sopranos' " Jersey-based goombahs.)

"Demon" days: Local cult auteur Ted V. Mikels returns to action this week with his latest scarefest, "Demon Haunt."

The eight-week shoot is scheduled to begin Tuesday at the Las Vegas Entertainment Museum, which houses four decades' worth of showroom wardrobes, Mikels notes. A local apartment provides another of the week's locations.

"Demon Haunt" focuses on a schoolteacher (and her handicapped sister) who are terrorized by the computer-generated Hemator, a blood demon who hails from the graveyard of one of Britain's cathedrals. (That's where Mikels previously filmed second-unit footage of suitably spooky cemeteries and church towers.)

Tattoo you: TLC's "Miami Ink" plans to wander from its title destination with a three-day jaunt starting Wednesday.

The guys from "305 Ink," the show's resident tattoo parlor, "are opening a new bar" and plan to promote it with their West Coast clients while picking up "tips on running a bar," explains Jeffrey Scott Soldinger, who's part of the show's story team.

The tattoo types will be based at The Mirage (and partying at Jet), with expected stops at local tattoo shops.

Reality check: While HGTV's "Design Star" continues production, Lifetime's "Next Stop: New You!" is expected Wednesday for a one-day shoot at a private residence. Shown during the cable station's Friday night movie, "Next Stop: New You!" presents makeovers plus beauty and fashion tips.

House calls: Another HGTV show, "My House Is Worth What?" is scheduled to visit Vegas next month to assess the value of selected residences -- and the Las Vegas market as a whole.

They're currently looking for homeowners who have lived at their current home for at least a year and have made some renovations.

Those chosen to appear on the show will receive a free evaluation of their home's current market value from a local real estate expert. If you're interested in participating, send an e-mail to nathan_grover@pietown.tv or apply online at http://www.pietown.tv/shows/myHouseIsWorthWhat.html.

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