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Gil Lempert-Schwarz

Wine of the Week: Champagne Paul Goerg Blanc de Blancs

This Champagne usually sells for more than $60 per bottle, or $30 for the halves and I immediately knew that not only did I have what is easily the deal of the year for my column, but probably the greatest recommendation for a buy-it-by-the-case-while-it-lasts kind of wine so far in 2015.

Wine of the Week: Hay-Maker Sauvignon Blanc

The wine is crisp with crushed gooseberry, white currants, fresh citrus zest, soft white fruit that perfectly balances the fresh acidity, making this a highly drinkable and approachable sauvignon blanc from the finest area for the grape varietal in the New World.

Wine of the Week: Chloe Pinot Noir

Chloe Pinot Noir needs to open a good hour-plus before consumption to let off some of the detectable volatile acidity, but then it softens up and becomes quite classic. It is superbly priced and a great value.

Wine of the Week: Eroica Riesling

Eroica is easily the greatest riesling made in this country, with this, the newest vintage, being a particularly great example. It is a delicious wine that is a miracle with Thai food or spicy Mexican food.