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Gil Lempert-Schwarz

Wine of the Week: DaVinci Chianti

DaVinci Chianti is a very firm ruby-red color with a semi-opaque crimson core, going out into a bright vermillion to light garnet rim definition and has medium-high viscosity.

Wine of the Week: 19 Crimes Red Wine

This is an interesting and delicious wine, blended from a highly unusual mix of French grape varietals, but grown and cultivated for generations in southeastern Australia.

Wine: Greg Norman Estates Malbec

Made in the greatest tradition and with a true eye for quality, it is a fabulous value that probably should cost at least twice as much if not more.

Wine of the Week: The White Ribbon Shiraz

This is a young and muscular sort of wine that demands to be opened at least one hour before drinking. It is a great value and a match made in heaven for a big juicy medium-rare hamburger.

Wine of the Week: Smashberry Red Wine

The vast Central Coast features approximately 95,000 acres planted to grapevines of all kinds, so there is a plethora of choices here that obviously ends up resulting in a superb value at less than $10.

Wine of the Week: Champagne Paul Goerg Blanc de Blancs

This Champagne usually sells for more than $60 per bottle, or $30 for the halves and I immediately knew that not only did I have what is easily the deal of the year for my column, but probably the greatest recommendation for a buy-it-by-the-case-while-it-lasts kind of wine so far in 2015.

Wine of the Week: Hay-Maker Sauvignon Blanc

The wine is crisp with crushed gooseberry, white currants, fresh citrus zest, soft white fruit that perfectly balances the fresh acidity, making this a highly drinkable and approachable sauvignon blanc from the finest area for the grape varietal in the New World.

Wine of the Week: Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot

Amidst the sun-kissed vines of the Languedoc region where the grapes ripen more evenly like in California, superb little everyday drinking wines like this one from the great co-op La Bergerie are produced.