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Waste not, want not (water) working for area golf courses

More than 900 acres of grass have been removed from Southern Nevada golf courses in the last 12 years, conserving more than 2 billion gallons of water. Now, that’s big. Moreover, those numbers are especially notable when you consider that we live in a desert and a sector of the country that has been suffering from a lingering drought for more than a decade.

Keeping soccer stadium proposal in play has strings attached

Ward 4 Councilman and mayor pro tem Stavros Anthony insists that public funds generally should not be used to accommodate private interests. For that reason he cast the only opposing vote on Oct. 1 in the City Council’s non-binding decision to proceed with a proposal to build a soccer stadium on the city’s Symphony Park property, across from The Smith Center.

Rampart, Lake Mead road construction projects benefit from fuel tax

An increased fuel tax and fuel revenue indexing (FRI) are paying for $12 million in road construction on Rampart Boulevard. FRI ties the increased income to the rate of inflation from Jan. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2016, resulting in an estimated $700 million in bonding capacity to fund 199 needy transportation projects in Southern Nevada and create as many as 9,400 jobs.

Sun City Summerlin turns 25

Imagine living in these surroundings: No Summerlin Parkway, no Anasazi Drive, no Suncoast, no JW Marriott, no Summerlin Library, no Summerlin post office and no Summerlin Hospital. Indeed, it will all be recalled by some and rededicated by others starting Oct. 1, when Sun City begins the celebration of its 25th anniversary.

Ambitious project in Summerlin is building ‘a downtown from scratch’

By now you probably know that the formal opening date for Downtown Summerlin is Oct. 9. And you probably know that the 106-acre site will contain retail stores, restaurants, a movie theater and a commercial tower. You may not know that this is just phase one and that it will connect with three existing facilities along West Charleston Boulevard to form only one half of a downtown project that eventually will total 400 acres.

Former major-league pitcher looks forward to baseball in Summerlin

It’s not until you sit and talk to Jerry Reuss, then you read his recently published book, that you realize how one of the great major-league pitchers of recent vintage could easily have made it on the stage, as a straight-faced, standup comic, had he not chosen baseball as a career. So what does Reuss have to do with Summerlin and northwest Las Vegas? Well, for one thing, he has lived in these parts for the last 20 years. And, for another thing, he has lots of glowing opinions about the community.

Chiropractor-turned-adventure racer sets course for remote Bhutan

If you’re a 47-year-old guy who has raced in some of the toughest environments on Earth for the last eight years, you might say to yourself that maybe it’s time to relax in a lounge chair and enjoy the fruits of your home life in northwest Las Vegas. But that’s not for Mark Jaget, who began his professional life as a chiropractor, became a successful businessman and is now an adventure racer.

Residents encouraged to keep disaster plans and preparedness kits at the ready

“Think about it, what would happen if your electricity, gas, water — even the ability to make a phone call — were stopped for any length of time, say for three days, or maybe even a week? Suppose you can’t get to the grocery store, and even if you could, you would find that it’s not open?” Those questions were raised by Ward 4 Las Vegas City Councilman and Deputy Mayor Stavros Anthony during an interview.

Graffiti taggers pose freeway risk, cost public millions

What kind of people would shimmy up a metal pole, crawl along a narrow ledge some 40 to 50 feet above steadily moving traffic on a major freeway and risk their lives just to pull spray cans from their pockets and deface two of those large, green traffic signs, with the ultimate purpose of creating havoc for drivers?