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Authority spokesman says valley has water for new housing

It began almost four months ago with a column in this corner that questioned how the development of new homes in Summerlin — and indeed new housing in all of Southern Nevada — can continue at the pace it has for decades in light of the mother of all droughts continuing to plague the Southwest.

Debris, weeds mar drive along Summerlin Parkway

You ever get that deja vu feeling? Like maybe you've been there before, or maybe you've seen something before but you can't quite put a finger on it? Well, that's how it was as I drove on Summerlin Parkway for several days recently and watched the debris and weeds pile up along the median, and along the shoulder areas on both sides, and even on the roadway itself, which was littered in places with torn tires and other refuse.

Sun City residents were prominent players in piece of history

Depending on which history book you read, World War II officially ended on three different dates 70 years ago. If you live in the United Kingdom, V-J Day (victory over Japan) is celebrated Aug. 14. Or was it Aug. 15, as it is noted (not celebrated) in Japan? In the U.S., however, V-J Day is celebrated Sept. 2, the day Japanese notables were brought aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay to sign the official document of surrender.

Summerlin’s popularity continues to grow despite valley’s dwindling water supply

You hear those snide remarks about Summerlin, about its unique “roundabout” road intersections, about the well-manicured, palm tree-lined streets, the upscale homes in gated communities, the parks, the jogging trails and so much more. Then it all filters into some imaginary or maybe envious reference to those “snooty” or “smug” inhabitants of Summerlin.

Permit-less public street shutdown has penalties

We exited the 215 Beltway onto West Cheyenne Avenue with the expectation of moving into the right lane, heading east. That’s the lane used to bypass most traffic lights; the lane that allows vehicles steady movement. Big mistake. Orange road cones blocked off the entire right lane for as far as the eye could see.

Doctor’s dog is a Summerlin skateboarding marvel

Maybe there’s a kid in your house who spends lots of hours a week on a skateboard, you know, doing tricks and all sorts of things. Maybe you spend lots of hours on a skateboard, showing off to your neighbors. But did you ever watch a dog on a skateboard — for hours at a time?

With little snow, why is Summerlin Parkway so potholey?

Day after day, the TV weather forecasters showed one Siberian Express after another pummeling the Northeast. It was a winter of discontent for millions of Northerners. And, at times, there was an aura of smugness in the tones of the weather forecasters as they reported how we were basking in warmth and sunshine, compared to those living in the snowbelt states.

DMV might need to clarify its staff on requirements

Ask Nevadans which government agency in the state typifies their impression of the classic dysfunctional bureaucracy, and hands down, the Department of Motor Vehicles stands either at the top of the list or close to it. Either way, the DMV has a questionable reputation.

Safety improvements on tap for Summerlin Parkway

A once pleasant drive on Summerlin Parkway has become an increasingly stressful experience for drivers, with 68 lane-departure crashes occurring in the past five years. Improvements are planned, including a cable barrier to reduce lane-change crashes.

Goodman, Anthony head ‘home’ to Sun City for mayoral debate

You can expect some heavy punches to be thrown, in the form of heated words, as well as a bit of interesting irony when Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Mayor Pro Tem and Ward 4 City Councilman Stavros Anthony square off March 30 at the Desert Vista Community Center in Sun City Summerlin. Both have been frequent visitors to Sun City during their past campaigns.

Summerlin-area baseball academy is home base for young talent

In case you haven’t checked your calendar lately, spring training camps have opened, exhibition games are in full swing, and the start of the 2015 Major League Baseball season is only weeks away. But for more than 5,000 kids in Southern Nevada who are connected at various times to the Las Vegas Baseball Academy, baseball season is a year-round experience.

Waste not, want not (water) working for area golf courses

More than 900 acres of grass have been removed from Southern Nevada golf courses in the last 12 years, conserving more than 2 billion gallons of water. Now, that’s big. Moreover, those numbers are especially notable when you consider that we live in a desert and a sector of the country that has been suffering from a lingering drought for more than a decade.

Rehab Cashman Field or watch 51s flee to Summerlin

So you’ve had it with all this stadium and arena talk in and around Las Vegas. Who’s in? Who’s out? We know that soccer is in after the Las Vegas City Council approved a new stadium, provided that major-league soccer awards a franchise to Las Vegas.

Keeping soccer stadium proposal in play has strings attached

Ward 4 Councilman and mayor pro tem Stavros Anthony insists that public funds generally should not be used to accommodate private interests. For that reason he cast the only opposing vote on Oct. 1 in the City Council’s non-binding decision to proceed with a proposal to build a soccer stadium on the city’s Symphony Park property, across from The Smith Center.