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'42' movie stirs Jackie Robinson memories

If many of you are like me and my wife, you saw the movie “42” sometime in recent weeks at the Suncoast and walked out of the theater raving about how much you had enjoyed the last two hours. I recall the days when I wrote about sports and covered baseball, in particular the Brooklyn Dodgers, for the Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J.

Southern Nevada N-Trakers take train hobby seriously

Members of the Southern Nevada N-Trakers are not just interested in model engines and rail cars that often sell for hundreds of dollars. It’s a lot more complex, such as the guage of the tracks, the voltage and the height and types of couplers that are used to connect rail cars and engines into a fully operating model train.

Awareness campaign looks to prevent roadway tragedy

How do you curtail, much less prevent, road recklessness and the accompanying mind-set, especially when there's a limited number of traffic officers? That was the question put to a relatively new homeowners association in northwest Las Vegas, and the result was the creation of a community accommodation campaign built around Prevent Any Roadway Tragedy, or PART.

Fire Station No. 107 shows impact of a vote

Here's a reminder for the 29.1 percent of Sun City Summerlin homeowners who, during a special election in February 2009, either failed to vote or cast their ballots in opposition to the city's plan to build Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Station No. 107. Their action and inaction almost succeeded in killing one of the most important initiatives ever undertaken in Sun City.

Palo Verde's scholarship winners set the bar high

If you're a member of the senior class at Palo Verde High School, you've got a tall act to follow. That's because college-bound students who graduated from Palo Verde last spring received $16 million in scholarships, a record for the school and a significant increase from the preceding year's $12.6 million.

Public pressure pushes library district to reconsider fees

Not long ago a big chunk of community theater in Summerlin had fallen into the throes of life support, the result of a Draconian fee increase for the use of the Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center. It appeared as if nothing could save Signature Productions, Broadway Bound and other production companies, that is, not until resuscitation arrived in the form of public pressure.

Advertising disguised as today's phone books

Remember getting a single phone directory dropped at your front door once a year? Now we have lots of books dropped at our doorsteps, some imitations of phone directories. And to confuse you more, they're all being dropped at your front door at various times of the year.