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2014 calendar already crowded with conflicts

Bought my new paper calendar, opting for an artistic look at birds from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and am starting to pack it with important dates. Friends’ birthdays. Homeowners association board meetings. Standing hair appointments that are sacrosanct.

Candidate touts her youth, not hypocrisy

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores decided to test her strengths and weaknesses before declaring herself a Democratic candidate in the 2014 lieutenant governor’s race. That’s smart on her part. Except she didn’t test the things that mattered to me.

Rumor of Smatresk's $125,000 proves false

There are tips that are based on rumors and there are tips that are based on facts. Often, they are based on a sliver of partly true, partly false information. But sometimes a rumor needs to be set straight, even if it’s not true, or else it will live on in history.

Downtown Grand promises self-parking

Warning: If you want to check out the Downtown Grand Las Vegas, plan on valet parking. At least for the next two weeks. There was no self-parking on my visit Thursday. So the round-and-round driving I did searching for its parking garage was for naught.

Research from Guinn Center will be down the middle

A group of Nevadans who don’t consider “moderate” a dirty word have opened the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities, named after the late governor, who worked effectively with both parties. His passion was education and tax policy, and his grasp of the state budget was unparalleled.

Sarno book reveals good, bad

Going to Shanghai was meant to be an escape, a real vacation where I didn’t work. Yet I couldn’t quite let go of the job, deciding to read David Schwartz’s new book about Jay Sarno on the flight over.