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John L. Smith

A dream comedy legend lineup

Call it a daydream from a fan, but there’s a show I’d like to see on the Boulevard: Jerry Lewis, Marty Allen and Don Rickles in a night of classic comedy.

Bundy about to trade soapbox for cell block

There are times it seems Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy has spent as many years on the stump as in the saddle, pouring forth his views on federal lands and the Constitution from the dusty middle of nowhere.

Legionella bacteria a deadly stain on VA

When Nevada State Veterans Home resident Charles Demos Sr. died in April 2015 with Legionella in his system, an investigation by the Southern Nevada Health District found the deadly bacteria present at the facility and in his room.

Trump putting on huge act as conservative

Fresh from a big victory in the South Carolina primary, America's fascist Fabian Donald Trump arrived in Las Vegas on Monday to fire up his true believers ahead of today's Nevada Republican presidential caucus.