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Walker's relevance in GOP field fading

Set against a backdrop of powerful hydraulic machines capable of raising many tons of dead weight, Wisconsin Gov. and GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker surely hoped for a similar boost to his sagging campaign Monday at XTreme Manufacturing in downtown Las Vegas.

More Cops tax comes just in time

The Clark County Commission's decision earlier this month to approve a tax increase to fund additional police officers couldn't have come at a better time. From the look of things on the street, Metro can certainly use the backup.

Just business? Tell that to victims

It was just a business decision. That's the cool, professional tone of the April announcement by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. that it had agreed to settle the vast majority of the product liability lawsuits against its diabetes drug Actos.

Rice's reach exceeds genre

"Night Stalker" author Jeff Rice probably would have appreciated a little more mystery associated with his July 1 death in Las Vegas. When you live in a creative world riddled with blood suckers and neck crushers, an ordinary death seems just a little tame.

A great ump, an even better man

Imagine the grinding from the grandstands longtime local baseball umpire Fred Atiyeh took in three decades behind the plate. Forget the fact he was a top-notch game caller and an even better man. Precision and ethics mean nothing to baseball fans, who know it's their God-given right, indeed their duty, to razz the umpire at every opportunity.

Don't limit wall idea to Burning Man

From where I sit, admittedly hatless in the noonday sun, there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who worship Burning Man and those who get no pleasure from having sand wedged in places nature never intended.

No pause in pressure on housing authority chief Hill

This figures to be a busy week for John Hill. Not only is the Executive Director of the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority in contract renewal negotiations with the Service Employees International Union, but these days he's also being asked tough questions about his management style and professional practices.