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At 76, the beat goes on for drummer Sandy Nelson

These days drummer Sandy Nelson qualifies as an All-American oldie but goodie. At 76, Nelson moves with a little less pep than in his prime as a versatile drummer in Los Angeles for three decades before moving to Boulder City, where he's resided the past 27 years and remains a treat to watch play.

Spokesman says GOP debate at Venetian will be bias-free

Casino king Sheldon Adelson probably wouldn't mind stacking the deck in the Republican presidential primary — it might save him a few million in campaign contributions — but would he be willing to pack the house at an upcoming debate at The Venetian?

Prosecutors give key HOA player a big break

After many years and countless hours of investigation, this week we learned that federal prosecutors in the massive HOA fraud case are more than vouching for the character of the multimillion-dollar scheme's No. 2 defendant, Ralph Priola.

Denono, a Las Vegas killer, again resorts to gift of gab

Gerald Denono, aging killer and former Las Vegas wiseguy, has always been the creative type. In a Florida state prison for the 1973 murders of an elderly woman and a criminal partner, Denono learned the barbering trade and in 2010 completed two drawing classes.

Filmmaker puts focus on Las Vegas Paiute Tribe

Independent filmmaker Stan Armstrong is once again telling an intriguing story from the heart of the real Las Vegas. His latest effort is "City Within a City," which focuses on the century-old Las Vegas Paiute Tribe and its diminutive reservation not far from Fremont Street.

Nevada needs a new state bird

Its feathers are positively cerulean. Its morning chirrup and late-day warble are music to the wanderer's ears. As Nevada's official state bird, it holds an honored rank befitting its beauty and song.

'Back to the Future' spoof a hoot

It's not my job to plug other publications, but you have to love USA Today's "Back to the Future" commemorative edition Thursday. It was over the top and an absolute hoot.

PBS phenomenon takes over book festival

Visitors to the Saturday session of the 2015 Vegas Valley Book Festival at Historic Fifth Street School had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of wonderful authors. They also saw a long line that flowed from the courtyard, down a hall and into the middle of the poetry jams. Who was this literary rock star?