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A peaceful reminder of what is right with Nevada

The male great horned owl greeted visitors from his perch high in an Austrian pine, where he kept a constant watch on his mate as she nested in a nearby poplar. They are the perennial guests of Muffy and David Vhay, Deer Run’s proprietors and patron saints.

Look for stadium fallout to linger for months

Mayor Carolun Goodman and the other members of the City Council who voted in December to go forward with the $200 million private stadium are probably privately grateful the development has come to an end in February and not closer to election day.

Tarkanian generated fierce loyalty

Freddie Glusman had just finished his birthday lunch at the Las Vegas Country Club. He should have felt like celebrating but couldn’t quite pull it off. His best pal had died, and the loss showed on Glusman’s Vegas tan face.

Let us celebrate Tark in lights

Whether they dim the neon or have the marquees shout “Reb-els, Reb-els,” there’s no doubt Jerry Tarkanian’s best basketball teams ranked with Sinatra and Elvis in the Las Vegas pantheon of entertainment. He deserves to have his name in lights one more time.

Losers in pot battles head right to courts

From the news coming out of Washoe County, you’d almost think there’s a glaucoma epidemic erupting at Lake Tahoe’s Incline Village. Not one, but three licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries have been issued to companies with plans to open pot shops at Incline and nearby Crystal Bay.