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Tube techniques aren’t luring many fish for this angler

Tube baits are simply that, a plastic tube that is open at the back and closed at the front. Surrounding the opening in the tube is a fringe that resembles tentacles and adds extra motion to the bait when it is in the water. They first showed up on the bass fishing scene in about 1980.

Spring turkey hunt full of surprises as tale begins

Kensen Lee had drawn a tag for the last of three weeklong seasons to take place in the Moapa Valley area. While that was the place Lee was looking forward to hunting for a turkey, he was concerned that pressure associated with the first and second seasons could make his third-season experience less than he had hoped for.

Waiting for right buck, or tag, is usually worth it

Along with the waiting associated with the hunt itself, there are at least two other times each year when hunters find themselves waiting. The first is when we wait for that day when the big game tag draw finally arrives, and the second is when we wait for the results of that draw.

Grandma’s lesson: Keep it simple

Grandma cut a piece of fishing line from its spool and tied one end to the small end of willow rod. To the other end of the line, she tied a hook and then placed a split shot sinker a foot or so above that. Then we walked down the bank to a brushy area where she schooled me in the art of simple fishing.

Sporting clays added enjoyment to Valentine’s Day

When it comes to deciding how to celebrate Valentine’s Day you generally won’t find shotguns and clay pigeons among the list of options. So imagine our surprise when my brother-in-law and nephew walked into the living room of the Southern Utah farm house we had rented and announced that we had an appointment to shoot a round of sporting clays.

Good news for anglers

There has been a resurgence in the striper fishing in Lake Mohave, which could be because of the presence of threadfin and gizzard shad. Plus, government officials are moving toward a deal to restore the trout-rearing program at the Willow Beach National Hatchery.

Auger essential gear for ice fishing

Don’t let the catalog pages full of specialty gear fool you, you don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to ice fishing. But you will need to invest in an ice auger. Make sure to dress warmly when you grab your rod and reel.

Holiday cold front should warm ice fishermen’s hearts

Call me sentimental, nostalgic or maybe even a little on the mature side, but it is New Year’s Day. So I will begin this column by wishing all of you a Happy New Year. Perhaps this is the old school thing to do, but I do miss the days when everyone wished each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. That was before the holiday season was completely driven by retail interests and political correctness.

Christmas comes early for hunter

Don Dorsey, a real estate consultant from Las Vegas, got an early gift in June when he received the 2014 Silver State Tag for desert bighorn sheep, one of the West’s most unique hunting opportunities.

Duck hunters pray for bad weather

Unseasonably warm temperatures and mild weather conditions have birds holding in areas of open water further to the north, water that should be frozen over about now or close to it. Dedicated duck hunters are hoping for a little bad weather to get birds moving this way.