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Using shotgun betters dove hunter's chances

With opening day of dove season behind us, it is probably safe to assume that the quick-flying birds humbled more than a few hunters. Some may even be counting the number of shots they took and asking how they can improve their bird-per-shot ratio.

Out for dove season with a clipped wing

Sidelined. Benched for much of the season. Those weren't the orthopedic surgeon's exact words, but that's what he was saying. "But Doc, you don't understand, I have a cow elk tag." I was pleading for understanding, but finding none.

Check with taxidermist on protecting prized mount

Like many of yours, my 2015 big-game hunt ended with a stop by the taxidermist's shop, where we left them in charge of creating a piece of artwork that will serve as a memoir of a hunting experience we look forward to reliving the rest of our lives.

Many options to reel in spirited striped bass

Everyone who fishes the lower Colorado River seems to have an opinion on striped bass. Some call them everything but a quality sportfish, while others sing their praises as a fighter and a food source. And there seems to be little middle ground.

Fishing kayak rated best product at trade show

Each year during the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) Show, industry buyers and members of the outdoor media from around the world get a first-hand look at many of the newest products bound for the sportfishing marketplace. These products, appropriately enough, are displayed in the New Products Showcase.

Plan early if your hunting trip requires airline travel

Though the days of fall may still seem distant, hunting season is fast approaching, and for some of you that will include journeying to other states, or perhaps another country. Such adventures often involve airline travel, which poses some unique challenges for those who will have firearms or bows and arrows in tow.

Adopt some old-fashioned camping manners

The crush of humanity can make it hard to “get away from it all” at campgrounds, fishing spots and hiking trails. It’s important for outdoor enthusiasts to be respectful of their neighbors.

Tube techniques aren’t luring many fish for this angler

Tube baits are simply that, a plastic tube that is open at the back and closed at the front. Surrounding the opening in the tube is a fringe that resembles tentacles and adds extra motion to the bait when it is in the water. They first showed up on the bass fishing scene in about 1980.

Not your typical turkey season for two hunters

Birds with multiple beards are classified by the National Wild Turkey Federation as atypical. Should they choose to record their birds, Kensen Lee and Kevin Pratt will be the first hunters to record atypical Rio Grande turkeys in Nevada.

Spring turkey hunt full of surprises as tale begins

Kensen Lee had drawn a tag for the last of three weeklong seasons to take place in the Moapa Valley area. While that was the place Lee was looking forward to hunting for a turkey, he was concerned that pressure associated with the first and second seasons could make his third-season experience less than he had hoped for.

County fair attendees relate interesting tales

During the Clark County Fair last weekend in Logandale, I talked with hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts. Among them were two whose stories caught my attention. The first is an angler, and the second is an avid archer from England.

More to fishing than simply dropping a line in the water

Fishermen are finding it tough to catch stripers on Lake Mead. So, the conversation turns to weather patterns, unseasonably warm temperatures and abundant bait fish in the lake. It’s amazing how much thought and study fishermen put into their pursuit.

Waiting for right buck, or tag, is usually worth it

Along with the waiting associated with the hunt itself, there are at least two other times each year when hunters find themselves waiting. The first is when we wait for that day when the big game tag draw finally arrives, and the second is when we wait for the results of that draw.