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Playing Six Degrees of Las Vegas

I’ve often said that if you look long and or enough, you’ll find a Las Vegan angle to most major sports stories. It’s hyperbole, of course. But only slight hyperbole.

Mick Cronin’s decision made easy by 9-year-old daughter

One of the first reports out of Cincinnati said little Sammi, the 9-year-old daughter of Mick Cronin, weighed heavily in his decision to stay at the school. Of course she did, and you would think UNLV would have realized this before putting all eggs in Cronin’s basket.

Vegas 16 appears to be better tournament than first thought

If those who would crack wise at the Vegas 16’s expense will do the math, they will discover Las Vegas’ inaugural postseason college basketball tournament for teams with directions and ampersands in their name has the highest average power rating of the three non-NCAA supported tournaments.

Rich Abajian never forgot about UNLV sports

The third-to-last time I saw Rich Abajian, the former UNLV assistant football coach and longtime Rebels uber booster whose funeral service is at 11 a.m. today at South Point Arena — he died in his sleep last week at age 62 — was at Findlay Toyota, where he was general manager and part owner.