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Beyond bright lights, Nevada boasts plenty of dark skies

Despite brilliant lights and high-decibel sounds in the urban areas surrounding Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada retains some of the darkest night skies and quietest open spaces left in our nation. These natural attributes are enhanced by the Silver State’s sparse population spread over a huge expanse of territory.

Diggers search for signs of early man at Calico site

Volunteers this weekend are busily searching for clues at the Calico Early Man Archaeological Site near Barstow, California. They hope to unearth further evidence of prehistoric hunter-gatherers near the shore of ancient Lake Manix, which has been dry for 18,000 years.

Old Mormon Fort preserves birthplace of Las Vegas

The birthplace of Nevada’s largest city, the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historical Park provides a quiet excursion into the past, when Las Vegas was just a welcome stopping point along a difficult and dangerous trail through the Mojave Desert to the California coast.

Enjoy scenic cruise on Lake Mead or Colorado River

Cruise boats plying Lake Mead and the Colorado River offer daytime sightseeing tours, evening dinner cruises and opportunities for celebrating special events. The Desert Princess on Lake Mead above Hoover Dam and the Celebration on the Colorado at Laughlin are jaunty replica paddle-wheelers reminiscent of Mississippi River steamboats. The USS Riverside is a sleek modern cruiser built to motor upstream from Laughlin under the highway bridge toward Davis Dam.