COMMENTARY: Admission by California Democrat shows how easy it is to commit voter fraud

Air Force flyboy heroes will tell you that the flak gets heaviest when you get close to the target.

That reminds me of what Republicans face whenever we bring up voter fraud. Democrats freak out. They respond with anger, arrogance, hysteria — or they mock us like we’re crazy.

But I believe voter fraud is a massive problem in America. And nowhere is it worse than right here in Nevada. We are ground zero for this national scam by liberals to steal elections with the votes of illegal aliens.

I will recommend that President Trump start his federal voter fraud investigation right here in Nevada.

On one hand, Democrat leaders scream hysterically that there is no voter fraud. But then they tip their hand. Just a few weeks ago, California Senate President Kevin De Leon, a Democrat, testified that “half of my family would be eligible for deportation under the [Trump] executive order.” He went on to admit that almost everyone in this country illegally “has secured some sort of false identification.”

First of all, virtually every illegal alien is committing fraud with the possession of fake or stolen identification papers.

Second, they are stealing the Social Security numbers of legal Americans — a serious crime that ruins the credit of those whose identities were stolen.

Third, in both California and Nevada, illegal aliens no longer have to use fraudulent driver’s licenses. They get driver authorization cards legally.

Fourth — and here’s the important giveaway of this scam — the most important Democrat in the California Senate just admitted most illegal aliens are committing serious fraud on a massive scale. But Democrat leaders claim those same people who commit fraud would never do something so heinous as registering illegally to vote. Only a lawyer could say this with a straight face.

Are you kidding me? The thought of such a proposition makes me laugh as loud as if I were watching Chris Rock’s last HBO special.

Of course, many, if not most, illegal aliens are voting. Voting illegally is far easier and less serious a crime than either fraud, identity theft or stealing taxpayer money by illegally collecting government entitlement checks.

It’s so easy for an illegal to register to vote. The federal government actually encourages it. Anyone who now legally goes to DMV to get a driver’s license is allowed to register to vote on the spot — no questions asked about legal citizenship. When they go to any government office to sign up for food stamps, Obamacare or other government welfare programs, they are also handed voter registration forms — no questions asked about legal citizenship. After they register, illegal aliens can vote right in plain sight. And to top it off, they are allowed to vote in Spanish.

That’s your voter fraud in Nevada. It’s that simple. The federal government enables it. Nevada enables it.

We have no voter ID law, let alone a photo voter ID law. We don’t match voter rolls with rolls of legal citizens. This isn’t complicated. Voter fraud is massive in Nevada and California (and across America) and it’s happening in broad daylight. It’s all about making it easy for illegal aliens to illegally register to vote.

The answer is so simple: Let’s copy Mexico.

Did you know Mexico requires federal biometric Voter ID with photo and thump print? That’s right, you can’t vote in Mexico without matching your photo and fingerprint.

If the rules are good enough for Mexico, why not for America? If it’s not racist to ask Mexicans for photo ID in Mexico, why is it racist to ask any voter in America?

Institute federal Voter ID with photo and thumb print. And allow voting only in English.

Problem solved.

This should be President Trump’s top priority to ensure fair and legal elections, free of fraud.

Now watch liberal readers of the Review-Journal lose their minds. They’ll respond with fury, indignation and hysteria. Proof that I just hit the bull’s-eye.

Wayne Allyn Root ( is a best-selling author and host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now. His R-J column runs Thursday and Sunday.