A sad state of affairs

We’ve lost our way as a country under President Obama’s leadership. Obama’s legacy has been on display over the 2016 holiday season in Chicago. It is not a pretty or proud legacy.

Obama often lectures us about “Black Lives Matter.” But do they matter to Obama or his fellow Democrats?

Obama and his Democrat friends have controlled Chicago for a half century. It is now more of a Middle East war zone than the heartland of America. It is more Kabul than Kansas.

Exhibit A: Over the past three holiday weekends we saw unimaginable violence and murder on the streets of Chicago. Over Thanksgiving weekend 61 Chicagoans were shot, nine killed. Over Christmas weekend 60 Chicagoans were shot, 11 killed. On New Year’s Day alone 28 Chicagoans were shot. The first one at 1:05 a.m. Happy New Year — we just set another all-time record!

In total Chicago saw 3,550 shootings and a remarkable 762 murders in 2016. Murders are up more than 50 percent from 2015 and have nearly doubled since 2013.

It’s spiraling out of control.

But no one in the media wants to discuss the specific nature of the violence. It’s black violence. It’s black gangs. It’s black victims. It’s black-on-black genocide.

Yet Obama says nothing. No press conferences. No “beer summits.” No televised town hall events. No national dialogue of any kind over the past eight years … or even in the final days of his presidency. The nation’s first black president feels no urgency to address this crisis.

Blacks are killing blacks by the hundreds on the streets of one city … and black leaders don’t say a word. No protests. No civil-rights leaders marching. No Black Lives Matter protests. No “million man marches.” No Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton lectures. No Hollywood celebrities.

I guess to liberals, black-on-black violence isn’t trendy.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse in Chicago, only days ago, a white special needs young man was kidnapped and tortured by four black teens. Have you seen the disgraceful video? They tortured this young man live on social media. They made him scream “F-white people” and “F-Trump.”

What would police, civil-rights leaders and President Obama himself say if a black special-needs teen were kidnapped by four white KKK members, tortured and made to curse black people and Obama live on social media?

Here’s my guarantee: It would be the No. 1 news story in America. It would be blamed on Trump and Republicans. Obama would instantly call a nationwide press conference to rant about racism.

Here are a few takeaways:

— This is Obama’s Chicago, run by liberal Democrats for a half century. No Republican has anything to do with the city of Chicago. When will Democrats accept the blame?

— This war zone is happening in a city with the strictest gun control laws in the country, proving gun control is a massive failure.

— The black community has been damaged badly by generations of government dependence and the lack of fathers in the household.

— This lawlessness, racism and hatred for white people and Trump are a sad, tragic outcome of the past eight years of division sowed by Obama.

— Black lives seem to matter to black politicians or leaders only if the shooter is a white cop.

It’s all a sad state of affairs. It’s a sad legacy for outgoing president Barack Obama.

Wayne Allyn Root’s column appears Thursday and Sunday.