Disorder in the court: Here comes the judge

To the editor:

District Judge Donald Mosley giving a killer probation and orders to attend an anger class ("Shoving death nets probation," May 26) is way off the charts. Chiropractor Stephen Shaw assaulted, threatened and killed Lawrence Weiss after a road-rage incident. A witness heard Shaw threaten Mr. Weiss, saying "Pick on someone your own size" and "I will (expletive) you up. Don't (expletive) with me." Shaw is nothing but a bully, picking on someone older and smaller than he is.

To make matters worse, Judge Mosley lets this idiot skate, basically indicating that a human life is worth only the cost of an anger class. From past reports in the media about Judge Mosley, it appears he has a lot of baggage himself regarding the way he used the courts for his own personal advantage. He also was cited for battery after a road-rage incident, but as usual -- as with other politicians, judges and people working in the public sector -- the good ol' boy attitude lets him come out unscathed. The judge was let off the hook and the charge was dismissed.

Talk about upholding the honor, class and ethics of the judicial system. I wonder how the people can keep electing these judges that think that they themselves are above the law.

Judge Mosley ignored recommendations for jail time by the district attorney's office and probation officials in this killer's case. Since Judge Mosley was previously involved in his own assault case dealing with a motorist, he should have not even been involved in this case regarding the death of Mr. Weiss. Does he have the same anger issues as Shaw? You tell me.

You can bet if a death of one of Judge Mosley's family members or relatives had occurred under the same circumstances as the death of Mr. Weiss, the killer wouldn't see the light of day for a long, long time. People should get rid of judges like Mosley.

Look at the three-ring circus act these judges are currently playing out with District Judge Elizabeth Halverson. They are fighting amongst themselves over incompetence, power and position, wanting everything for themselves and justice for everyday citizens be damned.



To the editor:

As an outsider looking in, I see several things coming into play in the matter of Chief District Judge Kathy Hardcastle versus District Judge Elizabeth Halverson. Judge Hardcastle fired Ms. Halverson as a law clerk. Halverson ran for and was duly elected as a District Court judge, which, the truth be known, Judge Hardcastle was not happy about.

If you were in Judge Halverson's position, how would you like to be elected judge, only to have the presiding judge -- you know, the one who fired you -- breathing down your neck? The press and letters to the editor keep throwing out that Judge Halverson is paranoid. Judge Halverson is just fighting to do the job she was elected to do.

It's clear to me that Judge Hardcastle wants Judge Halverson out and seems to be doing a pretty good job of accomplishing this goal. But more important than that, the judges want the Missouri system of selecting judges, under which every so often they appear on the ballot and the voters vote "yes" or "no" as far as retaining the judge.

Under that system, the judges do not need to worry about anyone having the audacity to run against them at election time. Nevada Supreme Court justices would feel much safer with decisions such as Guinn v. Legislature.

The 2009 Legislature will take up the Missouri system, and if she's still in office, I predict Judge Halverson will end up being the poster girl to get the voters, like lemmings, to vote for such a system, much to the delight of the judges. Two goals accomplished: Judge Halverson gone and judges getting a free ride at the polls.

There is an undercurrent with a personal vendetta and a plan in place to impose the Missouri system. Be careful you don't get sucked in.