Earth to Al

Al Gore, who fancies himself planet Earth's savior, proved again last week he doesn't even live on it.

Instead, Mr. Gore apparently inhabits some Bizarro universe where up is down, white is black and blind faith substitutes for rational thought.

On Thursday, the former vice president delivered a global warming address to an enthusiastic crowd at George Washington University. (Picture Phil Donahue's audience clapping wildly as the talk show host dressed down some corporate devil.) In his address, Mr. Gore said Americans must abandon our current energy sources in favor of wind, solar and other renewable sources within 10 years in order to save the planet.

Americans must "shake off complacency (and) throw aside old habits," he said. Forcing the United States to convert all coal-based electrical generation to wind and solar power over the course of a single decade -- and to completely overcome our need for fossil fuels and energy sources -- is "achievable, affordable and transformative," he said. (What happens to air travel, Al?)

Even some of Mr. Gore's allies were taken aback by the silliness of his comments. Philip Sharp, president of Resources for the Future, a Washington think tank, told The Washington Post: "At this point I don't think there's anyone in the industry who thinks that [10-year] goal, as a practical matter, could be met."

But why not give it a try, anyway? Who cares if the country's entire capitalist economy and prosperity could be completely destroyed in pursuit of some spiritual chimera?

Certainly not Al Gore.