EDITORIAL: Ed Vogel, window to the capital

Ed Vogel has been Southern Nevada’s window to Carson City. For decades, the Review-Journal Capital Bureau chief has covered legislative sessions and state government, writing about the political figures and decisions that have shaped the state and providing the taxpaying public with the information that has shaped their opinions and their votes.

It’s not an easy job, although Mr. Vogel’s uncommon storytelling skills might indicate otherwise. Navigating the corridors of power, knowing who has influence in the capital and who doesn’t, and getting people to talk about the decision-making process requires experience and determination. Distilling complex issues into a few hundred words — sometimes in a matter of minutes — requires great skill.

Mr. Vogel, a 2012 inductee into the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame, retired Friday after 37 years with the Review-Journal. His institutional knowledge, his enthusiasm for his profession and his passion for the public’s right to know are irreplaceable. The pages of this newspaper will not be the same without his name. Readers will miss him as much as his colleagues. We wish him well.