EDITORIAL: Judges take wrong side in Ramsey recall

North Las Vegas Municipal Judge Catherine Ramsey believes she's above the law and above the Nevada Constitution. It's a big reason why she's on the verge of being recalled.

But she has shocking allies in her bid to usurp the law and remain unaccountable to the voters who want her removed from the bench: her fellow judges.

Petitioners easily obtained enough signatures to recall Judge Ramsey because of her outrageous behavior. She's treated city employees so horribly it has cost taxpayers $50,000 in settlement and investigative expenses. She swiped $12,000 in personal legal bills on her city purchasing card after the city declined to defend her in an action brought by her former assistant. And she is alleged to have dismissed cases and reduced charges out of spite for the city attorney's office and City Hall, actions that are costing the city up to $10,000 per month in fee and fine collections.

Judge Ramsey then tried using the courts to block the recall campaign. Her most offensive claim: that the state constitution prohibits judges from being recalled. A District Court judge rejected that argument and said the recall election could go forward, but Judge Ramsey appealed the decision to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Last week, the Supreme Court received notice that an amicus brief in support of Judge Ramsey's baseless constitutional appeal is coming. The request came from the Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction, an organization that represents the state's Municipal and Justice Courts. The group requested an extra week to file the brief.

Judge Ramsey is an embarrassment to the robe. Her arrogance and sense of entitlement make her unfit to run any court. And yet her fellow judges wish to defend her for the cause of seeking greater protection from the electorate for themselves, when no Nevada judge has been recalled previously. How can these judges be trusted to follow the law when they don't want it applied to themselves?

If the state's municipal judges and justices of the peace want to redeem themselves, they should forget about filing the brief and give North Las Vegas voters a chance to finish what they started.