Pulling together

Ed Bozarth, who owns a Chevrolet dealership in northwest Las Vegas as well as one in Aurora, Colo., is kicking in $50,000 to start a fund to help victims and responders in last week's theater massacre in Aurora.

Mr. Bozarth says he and his wife decided Sunday night - three days after a crazed gunman killed 12 and wounded 58 others at a midnight preview Hollywood's latest "Batman" film in the Denver suburb - that they had to do something to give back to the hurting community.

At a news conference Tuesday at his Aurora dealership, five miles from the movie theater, Mr. Bozarth presented a $30,000 check to Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, who accepted it on behalf of victims and their families.

The Bozarth family and business partners also presented $10,000 each to the city's fire and police departments, whom Bozarth commended for their "heroic job" responding to the murder scene Friday.

"We just thought it was the right thing to do to help the community and hopefully spur on some like-minded people to contribute," said Kent Bozarth, Ed Bozarth's son, who operates the Aurora dealership.

Examples like that of the Bozarths give us all reassurance that our communities can still pull together in times of crisis, reaching out to help neighbors and strangers in the realization that any one of those killed or wounded in this senseless act of violence could have been one of our own loved ones.

Those who wish to join the Bozarths in their generosity can make donations at www.edbozarth.com, or by calling 877-819-0266. In addition, checks can be made out to the Aurora Family Assistance Fund, 2001 S. Havana St., Aurora, Colo. 80014.