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EDITORIAL: Hammon highlights NBA Summer League

The NBA Summer League has become an annual must-see affair on the Las Vegas calendar, putting a national spotlight on the city at a slow time of year and just a couple of weeks after the NBA Draft. The tournament-style event is in its 12th year at the Thomas &Mack Center and the adjacent Cox Pavilion, and its growth has been tremendous, going from six teams in 2004 to 24 teams this year.

EDITORIAL: Snuff campus speech codes

Summer is generally a pretty quiet time on college campuses, but the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is certainly trying to keep the heat on public universities that stifle the First Amendment. Last July, FIRE launched its Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project, which has been a certifiable success so far.

EDITORIAL: Henderson shouldn’t hike recreation fees

Last month, a couple of dozen Henderson residents showed up at a City Council meeting to speak out against a proposal to dramatically raise recreation fees. And in a laudable moment of serving the public interest, the City Council listened, tabling the measure and voting unanimously to instead consider a revised proposal. But make no mistake, the city wants to raise those fees one way or another, and a vote to do so could happen at tonight’s meeting.

EDITORIAL: Congress should kill ethanol mandate

The country’s decade-old Renewable Fuel Standard requires increasing levels of plant-based ethanol and biodiesel to be added to traditional fossil fuels. It was supposed to be good for the economy and great for the environment. It has been neither — and it could get even worse.

EDITORIAL: BLM’s Burning Man requests outrageous

Strip VIP hosts are breathing sighs of relief from Wynn Las Vegas to Mandalay Bay. They might have their hands full satisfying all kinds of requests from their guests this holiday weekend, but they know they could be stuck with far more outrageous demands. They could be dealing with the BLM.

EDITORIAL: Implementing ESAs

The new law that launched Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts is still the buzz of the country’s school choice movement, but the job of getting the accounts open for parents is just getting started.

EDITORIAL: Lightning-rod Laura

Lightning rods have nothing on political reporters. When elected officials, candidates for office and their handlers aren’t complaining about unfair news coverage, readers of all ideologies point to particular phrases and constructions as proof of a journalist’s bias.