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EDITORIAL: Free speech for students

Students do not have unlimited First Amendment rights at public schools. Supreme Court rulings have established this, greatly restricting the ability of students to assemble, protest, observe a religion and function as journalists.

EDITORIAL: Labor Day brings optimism, but good jobs still too hard to come by

This holiday weekend, as the cooler weather of autumn flickers from the horizon, let's not be alarmists: Even if there are more hamburgers and fewer T-bones on those backyard grills for yet another year, neither famine nor pestilence stalks the land. Visitor volume is up, sales tax revenues are up, and there are plenty of signs that Nevadans' patience, hard work and sacrifice will yet pay off

EDITORIAL: McDonald cannot continue as state GOP chairman

It's a wonder Michael McDonald hasn't landed on the Las Vegas Strip as headliner, or at least as a magic show's opening act. No political figure in the state has dived eagerly, head-first, into so many ethical swamps and pulled off escape after Houdini-worthy escape. Scandals that have landed other local elected officials in prison, or at least driven them out of public life, have allowed the state Republican Party chairman to walk away and plot all-new ways to enrich himself. Despite the slime that covers McDonald and trails his every step, someone is always happy to shake his hand and be part of his next self-serving deal.

EDITORIAL: New NSHE report provides Klaich cover for rewritten report

Hey, look! The Nevada System of Higher Education released a report funded by taxpayers! Of course, this report wouldn't have been necessary if the system had released a previous report funded by taxpayers. Or if the members of the Nevada Board of Regents were interested in addressing obvious efforts by Chancellor Dan Klaich and his staff to protect their office from outside criticism and governance reforms that would have reduced their power — and perhaps made colleges better.