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EDITORIAL: Shut down Operation Choke Point

Banks must cooperate with authorities if the government, working with the courts, can demonstrate that a financial institution’s customer is committing fraud or other crimes. Banks should not be expected to cooperate with authorities who, for political reasons, want to deny financial services to perfectly legal businesses.

EDITORIAL: Keep UMC’s business open

Clark County has made strides in fixing the problems that beset University Medical Center, the valley’s only publicly owned hospital. It installed new leadership after a former CEO was accused of corruption. And, after much debate among commissioners, the county has created a new nine-member board to manage UMC’s operations, one that is uniquely attuned to the hospital’s needs.

EDITORIAL: Obama’s ideal retirement age runs afoul of his policies

President Barack Obama’s administration is all about social media. So it’s never a surprise when any of the president’s three Twitter feeds — @WhiteHouse, @BarackObama and @OFA (the last two are run by Organizing for Action) — promote his words and deeds. It’s equally unsurprising how often these tweets reveal a president and an administration completely out of touch with the country.

EDITORIAL: NLRB’s franchise ruling threatens owners, workers

When entrepreneurs buy fast-food franchises from, say, McDonald’s, the contracts they sign give them considerable independence in hiring and firing employees and establishing wages and benefits. State and federal regulators have long recognized this separation between corporation and franchisee, but if a recent, baseless order from the National Labor Relations Board’s top prosecutor stands, that separation could disappear — and unions will get a huge boost in their long-running efforts to organize the fast-food industry and win a job-killing minimum wage increase.

EDITORIAL: Federal land decisions defy common sense

Perhaps you’re completely opposed to the movement to return more federal lands to local control. Perhaps you trust the distant federal bureaucracy to best manage land in your community. Perhaps you’d rather deal with a federal agency if you needed a speedy response to a land-use matter of some urgency.

EDITORIAL: Recall Ramsey

So, are North Las Vegas voters ready to recall Municipal Judge Catherine Ramsey yet? If not, how much of the financially ailing city’s funds must the judge squander before taxpayers realize a recall ballot actually might save them money?

EDITORIAL: End asset forfeiture racket

With so much of Washington preoccupied with increasing federal power at the expense of our rights — think IRS, NSA, DEA, and on and on — it’s cause for celebration when someone suggests decreasing government power to protect our rights.

EDITORIAL: Cost of collections hurts businesses, too

Media outlets and elected officials are heralding the indications of a re-emerging economy. To some extent, things are getting better, even here in the Las Vegas Valley. But for those who think the Great Recession’s effects have subsided, a tsunami-size splash of cold reality hit this week.

EDITORIAL: Autism center

Southern Nevada’s health care system is woefully deficient in a great many medical specialties, from mental health to pediatrics. No one is more aware of the challenges of obtaining adequate treatment than the parents of autistic children.