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EDITORIAL: King of the road

Bruton Smith goes so far back in NASCAR history that you’d need a telescopic rear-view mirror to see his beginnings. Relatively speaking, he’s still a newcomer to Southern Nevada, having bought Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 1998, two years after the track opened. But he’s made plenty of history here in that short time, just as he has at the numerous other tracks owned by his Speedway Motorsports Inc.

EDITORIAL: Henderson unanimity

Dissent is vital to democracy. It highlights problems that otherwise might go unnoticed and unresolved. It forces the majority to reconsider entrenched positions. Dissent changes minds. When there is no dissent, the masses lose their voice and the government loses touch.

EDITORIAL: Carpetbagger cleaning

If a candidate seeking election to the Legislature doesn’t live in the district he or she seeks to represent, that candidate should be prohibited from taking office. It shouldn’t matter which party the candidate is affiliated with or which party is in the Legislature’s majority.

EDITORIAL: College debt a looming threat

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says the total amount of U.S. student loan debt has quintupled since 2004, surpassing both credit card and auto loan debt as the single biggest nonhousing liability in the country. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau compares the student loan industry to the subprime mortgage market prior to the explosion of the housing bubble and warns that such an unsustainable amount of debt will severely limit the ability of young Americans to buy homes, create businesses and save for retirement.

EDITORIAL: Holstering progress

The alarmism that dominates opposition to firearm legislation trashes law-abiding gun owners out of necessity. Arguments must focus on the carnage of lawbreakers to advance the gun control agenda and prevent the expansion of gun rights.