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EDITORIAL: BLM’s cattle battle ends — for now

The Bureau of Land Management finally made one prudent decision in its battle with rancher Cliven Bundy: withdrawing. The weeklong feud began with the BLM rounding up hundreds of Mr. Bundy’s cattle, and reached heightened tension levels by Saturday afternoon in a 20-minute standoff between armed ranchers and law enforcement officers.

EDITORIAL: Obamacare’s true numbers reveal failure

On the afternoon of April 1, President Barack Obama pulled out the pom-poms and assumed the role of cheer captain at the White House Rose Garden to celebrate the great Obamacare victory. The Affordable Care Act had reached its purported goal of 7 million sign-ups, and by the March 31 deadline, no less.

EDITORIAL: Government land barons incompetent

The federal government’s incompetence in public land management has been obvious for decades. Far from protecting natural resources, many of Washington’s practices are killing off species and harming the environment. But that doesn’t stop agencies from regulating the public’s use of public land with a heavy hand while allowing costly federal failures to continue in perpetuity.

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EDITORIAL: UNLV minor creates a drone home

Rarely does a new college minor have such potential for a major economic impact. But UNLV’s decision to introduce an undergraduate engineering minor in unmanned autonomous systems — drones to layfolk — already has helped attract the booming industry to Nevada. And in the near future, the payoffs could include business startups, thousands of high-paying jobs, and the research and private-sector support necessary to help lift the university to Tier 1 status.

EDITORIAL: If Nevada exchange can’t be fixed, get rid of it

Back in November, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval was confident the state had made the right decision in creating its own health insurance exchange, giving it more control over implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Given the well-documented nightmare that is the federal exchange at, Gov. Sandoval indeed may have been right, regardless of Obamacare’s larger failures and how much worse the law’s implementation is going to get.

EDITORIAL: Police investigation puts adult English instruction under scrutiny

Clark County School District officials and a wide range of elected officials want more tax money put into public education. They want fully subsidized full-day kindergarten for every child in Southern Nevada and expanded pre-K and early education programs. They want to hire more teachers and specialists. They want pay raises. They want to restore the system’s building maintenance budget. And, eventually, they want new capital revenue to build and renovate schools.

EDITORIAL: News rack takeover?

Late last year, the Clark County Commission entertained the idea of banning news racks from the Strip as part of a larger initiative to reduce pedestrian obstacles. The plan clearly ran afoul of the First Amendment because it would have wiped out an entire source of protected expression within a very large area. Fortunately, commissioners realized the ordinance invited costly litigation and certain court defeat, and they tabled the proposal.