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EDITORIAL: Garnish Rocha’s pension

Former Clark County School District administrator Priscilla Rocha stole from the system to enrich herself, and she was caught. Now she must be made to pay back every dime she took — and she can’t argue that she lacks the means to do so.

EDITORIAL: Release HOA fraud documents

You’d think the federal government was prosecuting terrorists. Or hiding the existence of aliens. Or prosecuting hidden alien terrorists. But the alarming secrecy surrounding one of the biggest and most complicated criminal cases in Southern Nevada history had nothing to do with national security or saving the world.

EDITORIAL: Gun ownership comes under fire

Gun control advocates, in their never-ending quest to take firearms from those who are licensed and trained to legally carry them, are trying to advance a bill in the House of Representatives introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y. But the bill itself stomps on constitutional rights, and Rep. Maloney’s arguments for it can be shot so full of holes that the legislation would look like a target at a shooting range.

EDITORIAL: Shut down the TSA and privatize airport security already

You’d be hard pressed to find bigger masters of ineptitude and humiliation than the screeners of the Transportation Security Administration. Despite the fact that the tiniest percentage of airline passengers could be considered even partial matches with existing terrorist profiles, all travelers — including children and the elderly — are subjected to an intrusive and insulting cattle call before being allowed to proceed to their gates.

EDITORIAL: Meltdown in Macau

Not so long ago, Las Vegas residents held unfavorable views of gaming corporations that expanded outside Nevada and the United States. The narrative held that casino companies were amassing profits made in Las Vegas, then, instead of investing them here, were creating jobs elsewhere while eagerly subjecting themselves to higher gaming tax rates.

EDITORIAL: Hailing cabdrivers

Hats off to the union cabdrivers who exercised their constitutional rights in a peaceful, dignified manner Friday on the Strip to protest the passage of legislation that will allow transportation network companies to operate in Nevada.

EDITORIAL: Bench Judge Ramsey

Embarrassingly low turnout makes Southern Nevada’s off-year municipal elections a waste of public money. It appears North Las Vegas voters will get a second ballot this year, but one that could actually pay for itself and save city taxpayers thousands of dollars more.