Harry Reid a tool of public sector

To the editor:

Harry Reid received 75 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary when he was the only real candidate on the ticket. That means 25 percent of the registered Democrats who cast a ballot refused to select him even though he was the only real choice. What people are realizing is that the path to destruction of the American way of life is the road Harry Reid, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi want to travel.

Harry Reid wants to protect the public sector structure because it is his power base. He wants government to be the central and dominant force in your life. From health care to what he thinks you should earn, from taxes to protecting teacher unions to the detriment of your child's education and future, Harry Reid truly believes that he and his self-appointed "know-it-alls" can run your life better than you can.

Joseph Schillmoeller

Las Vegas

Harry's the man

To the editor:

I'm excited to vote for Sen. Harry Reid. I have personally written to him and he has responded to my letters with excellence and professionalism. He is great for Nevada and he has been great for America -- if you actually look at the laws and legislation he has supported, I see a better America, period.

Nevada is better off because of his hard work, and we shouldn't replace a senator with his experience with an untested person. No one really knows Sharron Angle.


Harry Reid will win in November by a landslide, and I'll be right there telling you I told you so. Vote for Sen. Reid -- Nevada's senator -- and the American people's friend.

Concerning all those Republicans who believe that Nevada's unemployment is Harry Reid's fault, get real. Go start a business, go chase the American dream, quit crying about this or that. It's not going to help your situation. Every day you waste blaming Sen. Reid is one more day lost.

No senator can promise jobs -- or job security -- if you don't go get a job and work honestly for an employer. But Sen. Reid has protected those workers in the workplace, hasn't he? Ladies, equal pay for equal work, that's Sen. Reid's record. He's had our back, so Democrats: We outnumber the Republicans -- and any independent with half a brain and a third-grade education knows that Sen. Harry Reid should go back to Washington, D.C., for Nevada.

I'll put my money and my vote on Sen. Reid.

Chris Turner


Angle's chances

To the editor:

In her Thursday column, Jane Ann Morrison reported on the fear from the GOP "mainstream" from Sue Lowden's camp regarding Sharron Angle's chances with independent voters. But when it comes to Nevada politics, mainstream has a whole other meaning.

To a large extent, this is a state ruled by the insiders, regardless of party affiliation. Even the most ardent insider can toss aside his politics for personal gain. For instance, last year, several prominent Nevada GOP activists/donors threw their considerable financial and personal clout toward Democratic Sen. Harry Reid. Why?

Some have financial interests in the same arenas as Sen. Reid.

For example, Sen. Reid supports a specific train service from Las Vegas to California. At least one of those GOP insiders is involved with that service.

For others, they just don't want to lose that personal insider clout they enjoy with Sen. Reid.

This is why cynicism in Nevada politics is called for.

Ms. Angle has ticked off even her fellow GOP leaders for some time. Why? She stayed true to the ideals which she expressed to her constituents and would not capitulate to either insider deals or compromise her principles.

Insiders such as state Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio were sure to resent her as "unmanageable." Well, perhaps an unmanageable candidate/elected official is just what this state needs. Principled leadership by someone who won't roll over for political favors or to be more liked by colleagues is what the intelligent electorate is finally clamoring for.

Oh, don't worry about Harry Reid. He will surely have a soft-cushioned landing just like his predecessor, Tom Daschle, who lost his election even though he was at the top of the U.S. Senate for his party. He's joined his wife's profession with a high-paying job befitting the true Washington insider -- as a lobbyist.

It's time to run over the Nevada mainstream of either party and stop listening to them until we see all sides of the issues at hand. Not the manipulations.

Tom Justin

Las Vegas

Birth record

To the editor:

Rhys H. Jones' little shot at Sen. John McCain was absolutely true (Thursday letter). However, what he didn't say was that Sen. McCain's father was a naval officer on duty in Panama and that John McCain was born at the U.S. naval facility there, which was naturally considered U.S. property -- thus making him officially born as a U.S. citizen.

Harry L. Keneman

Las Vegas

A giveaway

To the editor:

After meeting with Palestinian President Abbas in the White House this week, President Barack Obama has pledged an additional foreign aid package of $400 million for the Palestinians in Gaza. Since President Obama has taken office he has already increased foreign aid to the Palestinians. Why is it necessary to give them $400 million more?

Is there no end to the spending and wasting of taxpayer dollars by President Obama and our Democrat-controlled Congress?

Have they forgotten that there is an election in just five months?

They may have forgotten but, we -- the voters -- won't.

S.G. Hayes Sr.

Las Vegas