Heat on Titus

House Democrats don't yet have the votes to pass the party's horrendous health care legislation. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desperation can't be underestimated, which means Nevada Rep. Dina Titus, one of many vulnerable incumbent Democrats, is probably taking more heat than Mercury right about now.

There is nothing redeeming about the crushing new health insurance regulations proposed by President Obama and Democratic Party leaders. Nothing. Instead of reducing costs, it will increase Americans' premiums and taxes. It will pile trillions more dollars onto the national debt. It will impose suffocating new burdens on small businesses and create another insolvent federal entitlement.

It is intended to bankrupt private insurers and speed America toward the nationalized, single-payer system the left has long coveted. A majority of Americans want nothing to do with it.

But Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada don't care. They're more than willing to roll the dice come November in order to impose the decades-old progressive dream of nationalized health care.

Rep. Titus supported the House version that barely passed in November. Her spokesman, Andrew Stoddard, said Monday she "has not yet decided how she will vote" on the current bill. "She is waiting to first see the legislative language she will be voting on before making a decision," he said.

But if you want to know which way Rep. Titus is leaning, just listen to what she said on the House floor last Thursday:

"Do the insurance companies care? No. No they don't. They continue to raise premiums, up 39 percent in some states, while making record profits and handing out obscene bonuses. They finance thousands of lobbyists to come to the Hill to argue against meaningful reform and they brag about the millions that they are spending on television and radio ads that are filled with lies and distortions aimed at confusing and scaring people, especially seniors."

Make no mistake: Any member of Congress who actually believes that this 2,000-page monster will save money and force more efficiencies on the U.S. health care system deserves to be voted out of office for embracing such obvious nonsense in the first place.

Rep. Titus claims to be a friend to small business owners and a practitioner of fiscal responsibility. But she'll be exposed as just another budget-busting, tax-and-spend Democrat if she tows the Pelosi-Reid-Obama line on this issue -- and will deserve what she gets come November.