LETTER: R-J editorial a flood of wrongheadedness

To the editor:

I don’t know which is funnier: a Review-Journal editorial trying to demonstrate that big government is bad by criticizing it for not doing big government things (like building a dam), or the contention that Clark County government was such an expert at engineering dams that it should have been allowed any input into the design of building one (“Federal land decisions defy common sense,” Aug. 5 Review-Journal). I bet the feds were wowed by our monorail, or maybe our second-from-the-bottom educational system, when they said no.

Get real. Clark County was at fault for the dam not being built that might have helped mitigate flooding on Mount Charleston, because the county didn’t want to be responsible for the liability after a dam was built. The “no new taxes, no government spending” crowd escapes responsibility again. Thanks, Review-Journal!