LETTERS: All Clark County School District programs need a thorough audit

To the editors:

Regarding the recent articles on the Clark County School District’s Adult English Language Acquisition program, the police should look at all district programs for misuse of funds. I’m sure the Adult English Language Acquisition isn’t the only program that has been mismanaged.

Why do we need an adult English language program anyway? Isn’t that what college is for, to teach adults? The school district is always complaining there isn’t enough money to properly educate our children. If that is so, then stop wasting money on adult programs. Funding K-12 primary education programs should come first, and not a single tax dollar should be spent on adult education. Let adults pay their own way. Don’t waste tax dollars that should be spent on children.

And why is the Adult English program funding family assistance referrals, notary services and help for referrals for immigration, housing and domestic violence? Aren’t there already enough government programs to provide this assistance without wasting dollars that should be spent on children’s educational needs?

We need an independent citizen review board to audit the school district’s spending. I’m sure this would put an end to raising taxes that are often unnecessarily wasted on useless programs.



Caring for veterans

To the editor:

I wonder how the Veterans Affairs hospital gets by with its indifference and lack of service to the veterans. There seem to be many complaints, but is anything being done? Have any of our elected officials investigated any of the complaints? Do any of the elected officials care?

On Nov. 13, I visited the outpatient care facility to see about surgery for a hernia. I was in the waiting room for about three hours and was never seen by a physician. The only service I received was after about two hours, when an assistant took my blood pressure. I can, and do, take my own blood pressure, and I don’t have to sit around for two hours to do it.

I guess the veterans hospital seems to think that service (if that is what you care to call it) is worth $50, since it billed me for that amount and now has threatened to reduce that amount from my next Social Security check. I have complained that I was not seen by a physician and asked what the charge was for; to date I have not received any response, only a threat to deduct the amount from my check. If any of our elected officials read this letter, I would ask them to see if they can get a satisfactory response.



Immigration solution

To the editor:

Illegal immigration would be so simple to solve if our politicians were just willing to do it. All you need to do is punish any employer that hires illegal immigrants. The first offense should be a $5,000 fine and six months in jail for the CEO and the human resources director. The second offense should be a $10,000 fine and one year in prison. The third offense should be a $25,000 fine and loss of business license.

If there are no jobs for illegal immigrants, they will leave on their own. This would take care of not only our illegal immigrant problem, but also our school overcrowding, unpaid hospital bills and unemployment rate. However, our politicians won’t propose such a solution, because they are in the pockets of the business person wanting cheap labor. They also want to legalize all these individuals coming into our country illegally so they can get their vote.



Sanctions work best

To the editor:

I read a concerning letter from Ron Hirschkind (“Poor leadership,” March 21 Review-Journal). It is his contention that our country is on the verge of an international conflict with Russia. He puts the blame on President Barack Obama, whom he asserts lacks the necessary leadership and doesn’t act in the best interests of our country. As the commander-in-chief, dealing with Russia is just one of the many tasks of the president.

Osama bin Laden is no longer a threat, nor are many other members of al-Qaida. Through the use of ground forces and drones, justice has been meted out to our enemies. Unnecessary conflicts initiated by the previous administration are being concluded, allowing our troops to come home.

In the case of Russian President Vladimir Putin, let’s keep in mind who we’re dealing with. Russia maintains a fully capable military force equipped with nuclear weapons. A direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia could well lead to World War III. By working with our allies, we can explore many other sensible options, the best of which are sanctions to damage the Russian economy. These are the actions of a leader, contrary to the beliefs of Mr. Hirschkind. Republican hawks might prefer military action, but this would be the worst action possible.



Water and recreation

To the editor:

In response to a Rob Mrowka’s letter (“Lake Las Vegas a water-wasting oasis,” March 18 Review-Journal), if all the hotel golf courses, private community courses and public courses in the Las Vegas Valley decided to turn off the supply lines to all of their water features, what recreational scenario would this city have?

Las Vegas is known for its top-rated golf courses. Without using what Mr. Mrowka refers to as wasted water, we would lose an undetermined amount of tourism. We live in a city that values cash and splash. It follows that water is a valuable commodity, but it’s valued for more uses than just drinking.