LETTERS: BLM overreaches with cattle roundup

To the editor:

Once again, government overreach is causing the rapid deterioration of our rights (“Cattle roundup moves forward,” April 6 Review-Journal). It is so plain to see that this is not about 500 cattle grazing on public land. This is about controlling citizens. And the notion that these 500 head of cattle are endangering tortoises is beyond comprehension of everyone except those self-serving, self-appointed conservationists.

If we the people don’t stand up against the personal vendettas of individuals in government entities such as the Bureau of Land Management, they will not stop until they have complete and total control over all of us. It seems that the BLM has joined the ranks of the FBI, IRS, CIA and others in this quest to control the people, contrary to a Constitution that has led this country for more than 200 years.

If you make the drive from Las Vegas to any point north, it won’t take long before you encounter a government road sign that reads, “Open Range.” Now isn’t that ironic?



Stone Age thinking

To the editor:

Letter writer Jack Prier, in his diatribe against rancher Cliven Bundy’s use of public lands for grazing, used all of the tired and worn environmental cliches (“Private animals destroy public land,” Monday Review-Journal). Mr. Prier twice claimed that this patch of desert is a fragile ecosystem. Ha. If this were so, the Bundys would have destroyed it ages ago and moved on, letting nature do its job in restoring the land. But nowhere did Mr. Prier show how the ecosystem was being destroyed or permanently damaged.

Next, Mr. Prier claimed that grazing benefits only those ranchers who utilize this public resource. I say that I personally benefit every time that I visit Albertsons and buy beef at a reasonable price. I say you need to visit your nearest university and take some courses in economics. Perhaps you would learn that there is an economic principle called cost and benefit. If this land was so precious, then the government should have covered the cost of constructing a fence to keep the “swamp animals” out of this purported fragile ecosystem.

As for the preservation of wildlife, the Bundy family has been using this land for grazing for decades. If Mr. Prier’s thesis were to hold water, there should be no wildlife left to preserve. But, alas, you cannot reason with rabid environmentalists. They see the world through blinders and espouse the theories of Malthus and the Luddites. We are all doomed to perdition unless we revert to living in the Stone Age.

As a chief design engineer until my retirement, I worked with these saviors of the environment for many years, putting up with all of their machinations and nonsense. I have yet to meet one who isn’t radical and hasn’t mastered all of the cute code phrases of their dogma.