LETTERS: Cashman Field plenty adequate for 51s

To the editor:

After reading Alan Snel’s article on Cashman Field, I had to chuckle “A tight squeeze,” May 4 Review-Journal. The report was an obvious attempt to push a new taxpayer-financed ballpark. As a frequent attendee of 51s games since moving here in 2006, I can tell you the supposed problems with the fan experience at Cashman Field are nonexistent.

I have never waited even one minute to use the restrooms. I have never been packed in tightly with other fans in the bleacher-seat section. On the contrary, there is plenty of room. I attend games with two others, and the three of us are usually the only people in the entire row. As for the bleacher seats being unbearably uncomfortable, I suggest splurging on an individual seat for an extra two dollars. Many of those are empty and available, as well.

Besides, I can’t think of a ballpark I’ve been to in my life that had comfortable seating for the average fan. Individual seats aren’t going to make the fan experience far superior.

The only issue I’ve encountered wasn’t even mentioned: long wait times for concessions.

The current owners of the 51s are extremely wealthy corporations and individuals. If they want a new ballpark, they should pay for one. The current stadium provides a perfectly acceptable experience for minor league baseball.