LETTERS: Laws should also apply to immigration

To the editor:

I read Steve Danning’s letter regarding the child in Leawood, Kan., who set up a little library, and I had a good laugh (“Child, parents rightly rebuked on library,” July 18 Review-Journal). It looks like Mr. Danning drank from the Kool-Aid distributed by the government.

Although he makes some valid points in his letter, the same lessons can be applied to all the undocumented immigrants in this country and the elected officials who are not enforcing current immigration laws, including the president. The decision on the little library is a good lesson for the parents of all the illegal immigrants in this country and their undocumented children. It is an excellent opportunity for illegal immigrants to learn, as Mr. Danning wrote, that however good their intentions, they are required to follow the law.

All the elected officials who embrace the undocumented immigrants in this country need to learn the same lesson; otherwise, they are not upholding their oath of office.

Yes, Mr. Danning, we should be teaching kids to learn about respect for the laws of this country. How about starting with all the illegal immigrants?



Biased battle coverage

To the editor:

The choice to feature a front-page article on Palestinian casualties in the Israel-Hamas conflict was unfortunate (“Shells rain on Gaza Strip as Israel invades with ground forces,” July 18 Review-Journal). The fact that Hamas requests its own people not seek safety and that it hides its weapons among the civilian population was not mentioned. Publication of such information only benefits Hamas.

Is it possible that the Review-Journal can do a better job, as syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote on July 18, by “[exposing] the madness by speaking the truth?” Isn’t there some way that the truth can be placed closer to the front page, along with the half-truths? If not, why in the world would I want to continue to search for the truth, which might or might not appear on Page 7 of the B section, where Mr. Krauthammer’s column was published?

If the Review-Journal can’t do that, it could lose this subscriber of more than 20 years.



Resolving conflict

To the editor:

Charles Krauthammer’s commentary was both articulate and forceful (“Expose the madness by speaking truth,” July 18 Review-Journal). Did it, however, address the unconscionable product of current Israeli military actions — the death of numerous innocent children?

The justification for heavy bombardments is to protect Israeli citizens, but it’s a slippery slope when that protection translates into the demise of hundreds of Palestinians. Israel has the firepower and the technology to wage modern warfare effectively; it possesses the Iron Dome shield to protect it from rocket attacks. Its citizens are relatively secure.

This conflict will not go away or be remedied by war, but rather by a two-state solution that intelligently addresses the barriers to peace, such as the Israeli practice of building settlements in the West Bank and the appreciation of the importance of Jerusalem to both sides.

The Middle East is in flames, and it is only strong and imaginative leadership from the West and from Israel that will ever put these flames out.



Social Security delays

To the editor:

I recently spent four hours at the Social Security office on Buffalo Drive. I watched approximately 300 people come and go from 9 a.m. until 12:45 p.m. The office hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., so I would estimate about 500 people a day go through this office.

That’s a lot of people with problems needing to be solved. Yet I noticed that out of 10 windows, only four were open at any given time. Most of the time, only two windows were open. I was told by the person who helped me that my problem would be corrected and it would take 30 days. In my opinion, the wait time at the office and the length of time it will take to resolve my issue are both unacceptable.



Hardship Harry

To the editor:

What a waste of ink and paper by John L. Smith (“For Reid, Henderson has always been his true home,” July 17 Review-Journal). I guess Mr. Smith and Mrs. Reid really love Sen. Harry Reid. Does Mr. Smith owe the senator a favor? Does he want something from Sen. Reid for writing this regurgitated story about how hard the senator had it? Give me a break.

If I were Sen. Reid’s new neighbor in Henderson, I would be out protesting. All he is going to do is cause a distraction and bring unwanted attention to those who would otherwise enjoy a peaceful existence. We need to make sure Sen. Reid retires in 2016.