LETTERS: Obama defaults on American people

To the editor:

Regarding the government shutdown, it appears that President Barack Obama is doing his best in making the Republican Party look like the bad guy who is unwilling to negotiate. In reality, it’s the president who insists he must have his way first, his demand being legislation to allow him to go on another massive spending spree, which he’s done to a huge degree since his election in 2008, after claiming he would cut the deficit in half.

It’s actually the Obama administration holding us hostage, pointing out military cuts and layoffs as areas where people are being hurt, while failing to address areas in the government where waste is commonplace. What the president is seeking is like allowing a child to have his dessert first, complete with all the chocolate and whipped cream, if he agrees to talk about eating his vegetables later. What reason have we to believe that after the president has the money to address a budget and the debt ceiling, he would enter effective negotiations in good faith?

According to an Associated Press article, the government is cutting aid from the $1.5 billion annually (that’s every year, folks) to Egypt. That’s a step in the right direction, but no specific dollar figure was mentioned, leading one to wonder if it was a symbolic amount. Foreign aid is one facet that should be addressed, but the president has been somewhat secretive about where our tax dollars were spent until the money was long lost, through loans to companies such as Solyndra, Fisker and Beacon Power, entitlements such as subsidized cellphones for low-income residents, funding of foreign manufacturers such as LG Chem, and who knows how many other losing schemes.

The president should be held accountable to us before being allowed to continue on his path to financial destruction. He should be forced to reduce our current situation through spending cuts. He said a few weeks ago that we are not a deadbeat nation. If so, then why is he steering us in that direction?



Abuse of power

To the editor:

Obamacare is the law of the land. Seemingly every day, President Barack Obama and Sen. Harry Reid remind us that the law was passed by Congress, signed by the president and found constitutional by the Supreme Court. They have often said the law should be implemented as written. In the law, there are provisions that certain things are to happen by specific dates. For example, the large business mandate to provide health care. The law doesn’t say it would be good thing for these things to happen; it says they will happen.

Yet the president has been making changes. He’s delaying parts he wants to delay, and granting waivers to special interests.

If Obamacare is a valid law, how can the president make these changes? What legal authority does he have? Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution says the president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Nothing in the Constitution says he has the power to change laws. That’s a power granted to Congress. In the past year, the president has taken similar action with other laws, deciding on his own which ones he’ll enforce and which ones to ignore. That is a violation of his oath of office and a violation of the Constitution.

No president should have the power to decide which laws to enforce or what parts of laws he’ll implement, regardless of his political affiliation. If one president can do it, so can the next.

It’s time for this president to be held accountable. Since he’s immune from the ballot box, it’s time for every member of Congress to speak out. Not in a partisan way, but in defense of the Constitution. And if the president doesn’t want to listen, the Constitution provides for appropriate action.



We have a medical school

To the editor:

In Alan Snel’s Oct. 10 article in the Review-Journal (“Bold campaign planned”), he writes, “UNLV plans a campaign to raise more than $500 million to help finance Southern Nevada’s first medical school.” If Mr. Snel checked his facts before writing this article, he would know that Touro University Nevada is an Osteopathic Medical School in Southern Nevada, established in 2004. Not only does Touro graduate qualified physicians, but the school also offers programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, education and the state’s only physician assistant program.

Every year, Touro graduates hundreds of medical professionals who want to serve the great people of Nevada. However, I understand if a student doesn’t want to work in a community that doesn’t even know it already has a medical school.



Sales tax increase

To the editor:

I see that Sheriff Doug Gillespie is having to settle yet another million dollar-plus lawsuit stemming from the actions of Las Vegas police officers (“Shooting settlement pending,” Oct. 9 Review-Journal).

I wonder if the proposed sales tax increase is really to pay for more of these lawsuits? Does Metro really need that tax increase, with $124 million in its reserve account? These are interesting questions that will most likely go unanswered, at least until a complete financial balance sheet is published.