LETTERS: Obama doesn’t own government

To the editor:

Regarding William Cramer’s letter in Friday’s Review-Journal (“Middle-class dependence”): Mr. Cramer maintains that President Barack Obama sets roadblocks in the path of all businesses, leading him to the conclusion that the president is determined to make the middle class “totally dependent on his government.”

This government is not the president’s to own; it belongs to the citizens of the United States, who elected the president, an operation which takes place every four years and limits the election of any individual to no more than two terms as president.

Mr. Cramer posits that President Obama needs only to find a way to get the entire middle class on food stamps, welfare and unemployment in order to rule with absolute authority, by decree or executive order, and make the people support his every whim. He goes on to cite the examples of Otto von Bismarck, Josef Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro. He does not, however, mention that all of the above (with the exception of von Bismarck) were in position for the entirety of their lives.

I believe that the middle class in this country is composed of individuals who have absolutely no desire to become dependent on government programs to provide for their families and loved ones. They are the bedrock of this country and want a level playing field on which to earn their living. Don’t like the way things are with the government? Use your franchise as a voter, as provided by the Constitution.



Defending the unborn

To the editor:

In response to David Adams’ letter (“Abortion debate,” Saturday Review-Journal), a woman’s right to control her own health and her own body is undeniably her own decision. However, it is when she crosses into the rights of an unborn but living human being that many of us become concerned. I would suggest the woman should have thought of her own body and health before conception, and acted accordingly with due responsibility for her actions.



Crime reports

To the editor:

It baffles me why the Review-Journal reports descriptions of crime suspects without listing their ethnicity. I’m referring to the Jan. 21 brief, “Police seeking assistance in finding pair involved in robbery.” If the police are seeking the public’s assistance, don’t you think it would be important to know whether the suspects are African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, etc., or is it now politically incorrect to even mention race in a subject’s description?

You report the age, height, weight and clothing, yet leave out the most important identifying characteristic. If you’re going to publish articles in which the police seek assistance, then give us all the information, not your sanitized version. It’s a sad day when a newspaper is more concerned about how they are perceived rather than reporting the facts.



Moapa zoo

To the editor:

Once again, the overpaid, underworked and unelected government bureaucrats don their jackboots and use them on the throats of innocent, taxpaying citizens (“County shuts down Moapa zoo,” Friday Review Journal). The Holt family, which has successfully run its zoo since 2009, is suddenly and without provocation being forced to close the doors because some low-level, power hungry bureaucrats decide that they need changes to an operation that has thrived for many years without problems.

I guess the Clark County code inspectors have become bored with inspecting water heaters and building signs and are now abusing their powers to shut down successful businesses. When are we, the taxpayers, going to rise up and say, “Enough”?