LETTERS: Obama’s Hawaii vacation not so funny

To the editor:

Why is it every year that President Barack Obama and his family vacation in Hawaii, Michelle Obama and a Secret Service team stay a couple of extra weeks? They rent a lot of expensive homes on the beach, each of which would pay six months’ mortgage here in Las Vegas.

Then, when Mrs. Obama decides to go back to Washington, D.C., they will have to fly a suitable plane to Hawaii to pick her up and bring her home, all at our expense. The Obamas seem to have forgotten how most Americans live as they enjoy luxury at our expense.



Find a new topic

To the editor:

Please give Sherman Frederick three words of advice: Get over it. The man has wasted six years of his life bashing President Barack Obama. I think if the president said the sky is blue, Mr. Frederick would write a 1,000-word column saying it’s not actually blue at all.

No one is happy with the current administration, but the real problem is the dysfunctional Republican Party, which gives voters no alternative. I think most readers would agree that Mr. Frederick’s negative approach to politics is exactly why we’re in this political quagmire in the first place.

Please, for the love of God, move on and write something interesting, educational or maybe even enlightening. You owe that much to your readers.



Columnist kudos

To the editor:

Las Vegans are fortunate to be favored with the columns of the Review-Journal’s John L. Smith, an author who has the ability to be serious and funny, kind and harsh, rational and emotional, detached and personal — all in a most articulate and interesting fashion. I imagine folks who read Mark Twain, when he was not yet an icon, viewed his columns with the same degree of interest.

My wife and I especially appreciate Mr. Smith’s willingness to share some of his personal heartaches, such as his Sunday Review-Journal column, “Brother knew what was important,” about the early death of his brother, a story that began and ended with Mr. Smith’s recollection of accidentally chopping off the end of Jim’s finger when they were boys. I read that column aloud to her, just as we’ve shared past columns about his daughter Amelia’s struggles.

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for granting us insight into these personal aspects of your life, and thanks to the Review-Journal for giving a superb writer this degree of latitude. We are all better off as a result.



In Poster’s defense

To the editor:

Kudos to Fred Breitling for his letter defending Tim Poster (Sunday Review-Journal) and taking a stand against the column written by Jane Ann Morrison (“Ex-casino owner a Poster child for illegal sports betting,” Dec. 21 Review-Journal). Mr. Poster is actually a true pioneer, along with Tom Breitling.

It is easy for people who create something (money) out of nothing to attract many arrows in the back. In the meantime, they are creating jobs and opportunity for many others. For example, Travelscape required creativity and hard work before it was a valuable asset worthy of a sale to Expedia. The same improved “value-added” strategy resulted in the Golden Nugget sale.

It is interesting that others are now cashing in on a sports betting opportunity while stabbing Mr. Poster in the back for his skills as a very talented entrepreneur. We could use more people like Mr. Poster.




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