LETTERS: Overall, facts show that Obamacare is a good law

To the editor:

Fact: The Affordable Care Act is the law. Fact: Sign-up for the law has gotten off to a horrible start and needs to be fixed. Fact: The law affects approximately 15 percent of the population, as 85 percent of us are already covered either by employers, Medicare, or Medicaid. Fact: The decade prior to President Barack Obama’s election in 2008 saw insurance premiums rise an average of 13.2 percent per year. This is unsustainable for most businesses.

Fact: The law only affects companies with 50 or more employees, so small businesses (with fewer than 50 employees) are not required to participate. Fact: Our nation subsidizes the uninsured at emergency rooms. The cost of emergency care is five times greater for uninsured people than for people who receive outpatient preventative care. Fact: A majority of Americans favors covering pre-existing conditions and allowing parents to keep children on their policy until age 26.

Fact: The World Health Organization ranks the U.S. 37th in the world in overall health care. Fact: We are the only industrialized country that does not have nationalized health insurance.

I am a retired businessman who lives in a 55-plus community. I am in favor of a single-payer system. It is confounding to me how so many of my acquaintances are opposed to Obamacare, but love their Medicare. When deciding your view of the Affordable Care Act, please consider facts, not fiction coming from talk radio, Fox News and sadly from many of our elected officials.



Nuclear waste storage

To the editor:

Now we hear another proposal for the storage of nuclear fuel waste. Chris Neuzil, a hydrogeologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, is suggesting we look at shale as a medium for disposal (“Geologist suggests shale for storing nuclear waste,” Sunday Review-Journal). What will happen, of course, is that after another billion or so dollars is spent on geologic research, we will find out that shale is simply unsuitable, that the fractures that naturally occur in the shale layers permit the flow of water down through the otherwise impermeable rock to the water table beneath the shale.

So once again, we would be without a solution to the nuclear waste problem, but with plenty of funding spent on another geologic research boondoggle.

If we have learned anything from the studies at Yucca Mountain, it is that the uncertainties in geology are simply too large to assure safety of a nuclear waste repository that relies solely on that geology. We have also learned that high-integrity waste packages constructed of titanium or long-life alloys emplaced in stable rock do provide a way to ensure safety of the emplaced nuclear waste.



Not-so-grand opening

To the editor:

I attended the opening of the Downtown Grand Las Vegas on Sunday. I expected Mayor Carolyn Goodman and husband Oscar Goodman to be in attendance, along with beautiful showgirls, music, local celebrities, champagne, a big cake — one big party. Instead, there was nothing. No mayor, no celebration, a few people in the casino, and not even a free peanut. This was no grand opening like the good old days; in fact, there was nothing grand about the opening.

According to the Review-Journal, it cost $100 million to renovate the old Lady Luck into the Downtown Grand (“Downtown Grand open for business,” Sunday). To be fair, it was new, clean and smelled good. However, I’m not impressed, I am downright disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy downtown is improving, and I wish the Downtown Grand all the luck in the world. I hope it’s a great success. However, the place is boring, which breaks the cardinal rule of Las Vegas.



Democrats’ perspective

To the editor:

In speaking to a confirmed lifelong Democrat recently about the financial shape this country is in, I finally understand that party’s views. When I said to him that I was concerned about the debt that our president has fostered on the population, he said not to worry about it. When I pressed him further about our grandchildren having to pay for our spending today, he said, “They’d find a way, they always have.”

So now that I understand their viewpoint, I’m not only going to spend my children’s inheritance, but I’m going to buy everything I’ve ever wanted and charge it to my grandkids. They’ll find a way to pay for it.



Play the front nine

To the editor:

President Barack Obama has claimed he had no prior knowledge of Fast and Furious, the Benghazi attacks, IRS snooping and targeting of conservatives, the National Security Agency spying on allied world leaders, the $500 million Solyndra bankruptcy, Syrian, Egyptian, and Libyan uprisings, and now the disastrous rollout of his legacy, Obamacare.

The commander in chief’s minion handlers explain his apparent lack of knowledge by saying that he has a lot of different things to do and can’t be expected to know every little thing about all issues.

I have a very simple solution to the president’s apparent lack of time needed to stay abreast of world and national affairs: Just play the front nine.