LETTERS: President's actions called into question

To the editor:

What’s happening to this country? Both houses of Congress passed legislation that was signed into law by President Barack Obama to fund the military, even in the midst of a government shutdown. The ages of the five military persons who recently gave the ultimate sacrifice ranged from 18 to 25. Where’s the outrage over their death benefits being withheld?

Not only that, the Obama administration put up barricades to keep World War II survivors from visiting the privately funded, open-air World War II memorial on the National Mall. Yet on Oct. 8, thousands of illegal aliens were given permission to hold a rally at the National Mall. Rep. Nancy Pelosi gave a speech at that event, thanking the president for letting them hold the rally. Again I ask, what is happening to this country?



Obama’s plan for the U.S.

To the editor:

President Barack Obama and Sen. Harry Reid have no problem letting the partial government shutdown continue. The default doesn’t need to happen; there’s plenty of money in the treasury to make interest payments on our debt.

But if the debt ceiling isn’t raised and the country defaults on a payment, the Democrats will blame it all on the Republicans. By doing this, they hope in the 2014 elections to get a Democratic majority in both houses. Should that happen, the president will then go to Congress and ask for a suspension of the Constitution, allowing him to rule by fiat.

Sen. Reid is already working to circumvent the House of Representatives and let the president increase the debt ceiling, with no strings attached. If the president gets the Congress he wants next year, he will have two dupes in Congress who are more than willing to help him in achieving his goal of transforming the United States into Zimbabwe.



Destroying America

To the editor:

The Republican Party is more interested in destroying President Barack Obama than in working for the country’s best interest. Republicans know that the Affordable Care Act is the law, but they waited until the last minute to deny funding, even though that meant there would be a partial government shutdown. Now they’re proposing Band-Aid bills for public relations reasons, and the president won’t sign them because they’re not good bills.

This is blackmail, and the president won’t fall for it. Will the Republicans use this same tactic in the future to get their way on another issue? Now the Republicans are willing to ruin the financial health of the country, just to make the president look bad. We, as a country, are way past that. Can a handful of old-fashioned Republicans who don’t like a minority president get away with ruining this country? They might. I just have one thing to say to them: Grow up and do your job.



VA furloughs

To the editor:

This government shutdown has to be the most ridiculous and saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I expect to see elected representatives shouting, pointing at each other and stomping their feet soon. Our government should be ashamed of itself, especially since the shutdown is affecting the very heroes who keep us safe and afford the government to do something like this.

But the politicians don’t really care about anyone but themselves. After all, they’re getting paid, unlike the Veterans Affairs staff members (who were furloughed) working on backlogged cases. And if this isn’t resolved soon, veterans and veterans’ families won’t be getting their monthly checks. How are they supposed to make mortgage payments and pay other bills? What is wrong with you, Congress?

It’s time to grow up. Get it together, sit down, talk like grownups and make decisions. Stop acting like a bunch of 2-year-olds and get this settled.



Smaller government

To the editor:

Since the GOP wants smaller government, the answer is obvious. All Republican congressmen and women should resign their positions. Government could then function rationally, and we would save all the money we are now wasting on their salaries and benefits. This is a win-win situation: The country wins by no longer having to deal with the tea party, and the GOP wins by achieving smaller government.



Obamacare applications

To the editor:

We live in Las Vegas and are trying to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). We’re currently stymied because of the federal government shutdown and suspect that millions of others are, too.

We are required to present proof of identity (Social Security number) on the application to obtain Obamacare. The applicant inputs the Social Security number and date of birth. If that information cannot then be verified, you won’t be able to get insurance. Due to the federal government shutdown, the application cannot be verified through federal records, and as a result, we have been told that we will have to mail copies of our Social Security cards and birth certificates to a P.O. Box in Las Vegas.

For obvious reasons, we are reluctant to do that. The people who run the exchanges should have a place where people could go to show an official their Social Security card and birth certificate and get that obligation checked off. Mailing these documents is an invitation to fraud and theft.




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