LETTERS: Put administrators back in classrooms

To the editor:

Zachary Moyle’s commentary was one to cut out and put on the refrigerator (“No one should have to settle for a lousy school,” Monday Review-Journal). To improve education, the Clark County School District should concentrate on cutting back the number of administrators (more than 2,500) and putting these geniuses into real classrooms to teach in schools, especially the low-performing schools.

On TransparentNevada.com, you can find out what administrators are being paid, and it is safe to say that 99 percent of them receive six-figure compensation and better perks than the teachers. It’s time to clean house and cut expenses at the top before we ask for more money for the schools.

Let the administrators tutor credit-deficient students, play truant officer for a day or mentor a physically challenged student. Their expertise is above and beyond any classroom teacher. Maybe they can conjure up a recipe for turning around these schools, improving the achievement of the students and getting better results for graduating seniors if they are face-to-face with the issues.

Put administrators back in a classroom, because they need to experience the reality of just how poor the district’s system is before they can come up with a better curriculum to hand down to the teachers to use.



Sandoval’s blunders

To the editor:

I’m just wondering if Sherman Frederick reads his own newspaper. His love letter of a column to Gov. Brian Sandoval was a joke (“Diligent, thoughtful Sandoval ready for national stage,” March 23 Review-Journal). Fifteen lines were about the governor’s blunder in setting up Nevada’s health exchange; it was sort of a blunder paragraph.

For some real facts, Mr. Frederick should have read Jennifer Robison’s in-depth report about this very expensive blunder in the Business section on the very same day (“Simple fixes cure Health Link site’s ills; just ask consumer”). The governor takes the millions of dollars from the federal government, gives a $72 million contract to Xerox, which in four years rolls out a disaster website. Now the state has to hire Deloitte Consulting for $1.5 million to fix it, a bit late I would say.

Gov. Sandoval would have been better off hiring some computer students from UNLV.

Mr. Frederick, your constant bashing of President Barack Obama because of the terrible rollout of the Affordable Care Act should also extend to Gov. Sandoval. Flaws and no oversight during the setup don’t merit a kiss on the cheek because the governor fired someone. Getting more than a million hits on Nevada Health Link and having only 33,000 sign up indicates a big flaw. Democrats blew this one by failing to show that Gov. Sandoval is not all he appears to be.



Immigration reform

To the editor:

The front-page article on immigration was woefully incomplete and obviously agenda-driven (“Family fights to stay in U.S.,” March 20 Review-Journal). The record deportation numbers claimed by the Obama administration now include, for the first time, turn-backs at the border. Setting aside the number of turn-backs, the actual number of foreigners deported by immigration enforcement officers in the interior has fallen by 40 percent over the past five years.

Readers of the Review-Journal article were never told if Thelma Martinez Soto is guilty of identity theft, or if the sandwich shop that employs her is guilty of deliberately violating labor laws. The story mentioned changes to our immigration laws proposed by Rep. Steven Horsford, but did not mention this little fact: Rep. Horsford’s so-called update of our immigration laws would end the deportation of illegal immigrants and give America a nation-wrecking, open-borders immigration policy.