LETTERS: R-J has duty to support Obamacare

To the editor:

Again, the Review-Journal unfairly criticizes and demagogues Obamacare in an editorial (“Health care error,” Wednesday Review-Journal). This time, the editorial notes problems that Gov. Brian Sandoval has had with Xerox, by blaming what? Why, Obamacare of course.

The editorial also notes that not a single Republican in Congress supported the legislation. Is this supposed to show failure in the law? What it really shows is failure by the Republican Party to take constructive interest in the health care needs of the American people, with not only lack of participation in the process, but obstruction through 40-plus votes to abolish the law without offering a single thing to replace it.

But the single most shameful aspect of Obamacare lies with the Review-Journal. It is correct that the health care law requires participation of younger citizens to offset the medical care costs of older Americans. This was known by all in crafting the legislation to ensure that it was an insurance system maintained by the private sector and not a socialized one, like Medicare. But, has the newspaper done its share to support the program and incentivize its young readers to participate? No, the newspaper has done all it can to turn participants away — to try to make sure that Obamacare will fail.

When does a newspaper forget its political posturing and instead take up its civic responsibilities to promote the medical welfare of its readership?



Always ready to respond

To the editor:

As a retired fire captain from Southern California and now a resident of Las Vegas, I would like to respond to Barbara M. Trella’s letter on firefighters’ grocery shopping (“Fired up,” Tuesday Review-Journal). Fire companies shop in their district so they are able to respond to emergency calls in a timely manner, as a unit, which includes manpower and equipment.

I’m sure if this letter writer or her loved ones had a medical emergency or fire, she would expect fast response times. This applies in all situations for firefighters: when on training exercises, during fire inspections, sound asleep in the middle of the night or grocery shopping.

Firefighters cook two meals per shift. Each shift, someone is designated to make a menu and collect the money from each individual. They purchase their groceries and prepare the meals. This is cost effective and healthier. They go to the supermarket as a unit in case of an emergency call. Unfortunately, Ms. Trella doesn’t understand that a firefighter’s responsibility is to respond to alarms and save lives. And yes, time permitting, they must eat.



Picture perfect

To the editor:

John Locher’s front-page photo on Thursday’s Review-Journal is a classic (“Nellis airmen back after Horn of Africa mission”). The little girl waiting on the tarmac at Nellis Air Force Base for her dad’s airplane, which she hopes is the one in the air with the bright lights, says it all about the families of our military people.

And Mr. Locher’s photo of the girl hugging her dad provided a satisfying close to the story. The poet John Milton wrote it best: “They also serve who only stand and wait.” Mr. Locher reminded us of that. Well done.



Tax reform

To the editor:

I was so excited about the Review-Journal’s Thursday editorial, which was right on (“Time to implode tortuous tax code”). What amazes me is that this is not the main focus of the national media. I will continue to hammer out letters to other news outlets in hopes that the government will do something to stop the insanity that is our current tax system.

Thank you, Review-Journal. I simply love my local papers, and seeing some truth gives hope for the survival of this great nation.