LETTERS: Reid long on insults, short on apologies

To the editor:

After reading about Sen. Tom Coburn using a derogatory term toward Sen. Harry Reid (Oct. 30 Review-Journal), it took a few minutes for me to stop laughing. Sen. Reid’s spokesman said when Sen. Coburn is ready to apologize, he knows where to find Sen. Reid.

Since Sen. Reid is expecting an apology from Sen. Coburn, does this mean that Sen. Reid will now be apologizing to everyone he’s insulted through the years? That would be a very long list. Recently, he referred to Sen. Ted Cruz as a bully. Has Sen. Reid looked in a mirror lately? Sen. Reid calling Sen. Cruz a bully is the equivalent of Kris Jenner accusing Joan Crawford of being a bad mother.

While what Sen. Reid said might have some truth to it, it also shows he lives in a glass house ­— while tossing stones at others. What a hypocrite.



Senior health care

To the editor:

Please, seniors, do not believe the scare tactics of the GOP, and especially the tea party, concerning Medicare and health insurance. Many of you were frightened by their claim of death panels several years ago. Even recently, one congressman suggested that after undergoing heart surgery, if the Affordable Care Act had been in effect, he probably would not have been able to have the necessary surgery. Ridiculous. I am 83 years old and recently had my pacemaker replaced without any problem. No death panels asking if I deserved to get the lifesaving device replaced.

Also, do not be afraid to assign your Medicare benefit to a Medicare Advantage health maintenance organization. You can do this without paying any additional amount per month and eliminate the 20 percent you pay with Medicare. You can also go back to Medicare if you should desire to do so. Many seniors are afraid to do this, erroneously thinking they will lose their Medicare benefits. You will not. You might have to change doctors, but that should not be the end of the world.



No more sheriffs

To the editor:

It is time for Clark County to select head of its police force differently than it has in the past. With so much at stake for the safety and security of this community, we need to have a sheriff who is truly accountable to the citizens he or she was sworn to defend and protect.

Every four years, the citizens of Clark County go to the polls and elect a new sheriff, and whether the sheriff does a good or bad job, we are stuck with him until the new election. The position of sheriff should changed to chief of police, as is the case in Henderson and North Las Vegas. In these two cities, you don’t see as many police shootings as in Las Vegas. If we had unarmed citizens being shot the way they are being shot in Las Vegas, you could rest assured that the police chief would be called in and questioned by their bosses (city council or city manager). Look at what happened to the chiefs of the Henderson and Clark County School District police departments.

The sheriff is accountable to no one, and no one demands his presence to answer questions. Legislators need to look into changing the law that allows a sheriff to be elected and consider replacing it with a law that requires a police chief to be appointed by panel of elected officials. None of the current candidates for sheriff has any experience in reforming a police department into one that the community admires and supports. So after next year’s election, what can we expect? More of the same, and we will live with it for four years until the next election.