LETTERS: Time for Bundy, BLM to make a deal

To the editor:

After reading the editorial about all sides of the Cliven Bundy cattle roundup, (“Washington, the Bundy ranch and our rights,” April 11 Review-Journal), I decided to research public land here in Nevada. First of all, politicians signed away the rights to our public land in trade for making Nevada a state 150 years ago. To me, that means the politicians swindled us out of our public land a long time ago. Unfortunately, I did not read anywhere that Mr. Bundy was part of that process.

As I see it, Mr. Bundy’s issue boils down not to supposed freedom and patriotism, but to the almighty dollar. It seems that he is complaining only because he is no longer getting free land to fatten his cattle. Can you imagine if the average Nevadan tried to open a business on Bureau of Land Management property? How long would that business stay open? Where is Mr. Bundy’s contract with the government, other than the fact his cows have been squatting on the land for decades? The courts have ruled against him for the past 20 years. Don’t the laws apply to him?

No one dislikes big government more than I do, as my many letters to the Review-Journal over the years can attest. I don’t like the governmental hypocrisy, using the pupfish and the desert tortoise as lame excuses to control land, while at the same time relocating and slaughter horses. But in this particular case, Mr. Bundy is wrong.

That said, he might still have an opportunity to rent the land on which he is trespassing. Mr. Bundy and the government should put on their white hats and negotiate a deal before someone gets hurt. That’s what Roy Rogers and Gene Autry would do.



Bundy and media bias

To the editor:

Along with my newsfeeds, Kindle and other electronic devices, I still retain my old-school habit of reading the Review-Journal daily, and I always appreciate the fairness and balance in both your news and editorial pages. On the other hand, I had to forcibly withhold a scoff last night while watching the local news on KSNV-Channel 3 — the local Obama-administration promotion channel.

During a segment on the Cliven Bundy cattle feud, one anchor actually ended the segment with an ad-lib along the lines of, “Well, after all, there are federal laws being ignored up there.” Excuse me? We’ve got a president and a Justice Department chief who have been ignoring, circumventing and selectively enforcing federal laws for years, but we have yet to hear a peep about most of those situations on either NBC national news or on the local affiliate, KSNV.

It alarms me that many viewers sit and receive their TV pabulum without ever questioning what the biased mainstream television networks push, let alone the flagrant hypocrisy of the on-air people. Thank you for being fair and honest in your news and editorial work.



Supporting Bundy

To the editor:

I’ve been following the story of the Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy’s grazing cattle from the beginning. I can’t believe that people do not see what’s going on here. Mr. Bundy is raising cattle for consumption in our country. Don’t they realize how much meat is coming from Japan and Mexico, while our ranchers are struggling to stay in business? That the catfish industry in the south is going under because the feds import fish from Taiwan?

Our country is being taken from us. Wake up and check it out. Beyoncé and Eva Longoria don’t know everything. We are losing more of our rights every day. From what I know to be fact, the BLM might run the land, but our tax dollars own it and pay BLM salaries. I hereby donate my portion of that land to Mr. Bundy.



Clinton shoe-thrower

To the editor:

I am disgusted and embarrassed by the shoe-throwing incident aimed at Hillary Clinton, an invited guest in our city (“Shoe-throwing protest simply taken in stride,” April 11 Review-Journal). I hope the protester is prosecuted, imprisoned or at least heavily fined. This boorish behavior and lack of civility will only escalate if allowed to go unpunished.

The tone for this type of behavior has been set by the lack of respect shown by certain elected officials who behave like they were raised in a cave.



Bush’s crystal ball

To the editor:

A pair of Review-Journal headlines gave me a hearty laugh! The juxtaposition on page 11A of the April 11 R-J was perfect. A Bloomberg News story was headlined, “U.S. having hard time getting in Putin’s head.” An Associated Press article was headlined, “New portrait exhibit of world leaders has Bush’s ‘43’ touch,” with a picture of George W. Bush’s interpretative painting of macho man Vladimir Putin.

My thought was this: Since former President Bush once said of the Russian leader, “I can see into his soul” (maybe he meant “sole”?), perhaps he could look into a crystal ball and tell us what the President Putin is thinking. “Is he going to invade Ukraine? Is he not? Is he going to invade Ukraine? Is he not? Oops, I need to feed the dog.”