LETTERS: U.S. flag ruling defies Constitution

To the editor:

As an American, I am responding to the small article regarding the wearing/displaying of the American flag (“School allowed to ban U.S. flag shirts for safety, court says,” reviewjournal.com). Am I mistaken, or is this not America? Why are the school and the court disrespecting our Constitution, as well as our flag, in allowing Latino students to dictate what other students are able to wear?

If Latinos want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I have no objection. However, if an American student wants to display the American flag, why would Latinos become upset? This is America. If they don’t like our flag, or the fact that the American taxpayers are footing the bill for their education, let them go back to the Mexico.

I dislike designations such as Latin American, African- American, Irish-American, etc. You are Latino, African, Irish or American. If you are not American and do not respect our rights, go home. Regardless of where my ancestors originated, I am an American. Not an Irish-American, not a Native American, though I descended from both, along with who knows what else. Still, I am an American, period. If you want to be something else, you do not belong in my America.



Metro’s childish move

To the editor:

What a coincidence. The Metropolitan Police Department will not respond to minor traffic accidents, with the announcement coming after the sales tax increase was denied (“Police say minor accidents not their concern anymore,” Feb. 25 Review-Journal). Because I don’t believe in coincidences, Sheriff Doug Gillespie looks like a big crybaby.

However, because he has made this decision, I would like to point out that his officers should respond and do a minimum of police work, which would only take 15 minutes at the most. First, make sure all drivers involved in the accident are licensed to operate their vehicles. Second, make sure all vehicles involved are registered. Third, make sure all involved are insured.

If any of the above credentials aren’t met, the officer should write a citation. Believe it or not, Sheriff Gillespie, that is what you are paid to do. We don’t need you to determine fault, but we do need you to make sure that the law is being upheld by responsible drivers.

It’s amazing how many drivers involved in fender benders have suspended licenses or are driving stolen vehicles. In fact, many drivers have warrants out for their arrest. Oh, that’s right, I forgot, Metro doesn’t do proactive police work, they only write reports after the fact.

Get real, Sheriff Gillespie, and do your job. Your police force is one of the highest-paid in the country. Everyone is tired of hearing the same old story from you and your police commanders.



VA hospital expansion

To the editor:

I am a veteran enrolled in the Veterans Affairs Southern Nevada Healthcare System. I was astounded upon reading that Veterans Affairs is expanding the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in North Las Vegas because the existing one is inadequate (“Expansion already at veterans center,” Friday Review-Journal).

The Southern Nevada VA hospital is one of the few in the country that has no urgent care, for medical problems that are not life-threatening. Suppose I cut my hand fairly deeply, stop the bleeding, but nonetheless, I need the cut to be stitched. Current, though not written, instructions are to go to the emergency room at the new hospital for any medical event. Thus, I must drive to that far-away, lone facility out in the desert and enter the ER to get my hand sewn up, since the newly constructed clinics around the city are not treatment facilities.

When I read this story, I had to shake my head in amazement and frustration.