Can anyone just answer a simple question?

To the editor:

For all those who are incensed by the word-hash that politicians from both sides serve up in response to questions, here are my rules for all future political debates and inquiries.

The first words uttered in response to any question must be (pick one) yes, no, maybe or "I don't know." The responders may elect to supplement the answer with additional information but, if not preceded by the short answer, they are not allowed to fill the air with their nonsense.

Most of us live in a world where we don't have the luxury of obfuscation, rationalization and equivocation. Our families don't want to hear it, our employers won't tolerate it and our friends have better things to do than listen to it. Ask anyone who is or has been in the military -- try it once and you won't be trying it a second time.

So why do politicians do it? Because they live in a world where everything is relative, where nothing is precise, where wiggle room is oxygen to them and, most importantly, we let them. Until journalists demand an answer first and allow expansion and qualification only as follow-up, listening to politicians will remain a painful, useless exercise.

Stephen Myott


Water grab

To the editor:

Local water czar Pat Mulroy says Las Vegas needs water from Northern Nevada. Maybe Las Vegas should do a few things first.

Let's stop the growth. Shut down all of the water fountains, like the one at Eastern Avenue and Siena Heights, and all of the fountains on the golf courses. Are they really needed? Some say, "Well, it's treated water on the golf courses." Yes, it is, but that is water that could be returned to Lake Mead and reused.

I invite every citizen of the Las Vegas Valley to visit Northern Nevada and see what this water importation plan will destroy. If you talk to most people here now, they don't even know Northern Nevada exists. How sad is that?

People in this town need to get out and explore Nevada. Maybe you might discover something new. I also invite all of the fishers, hunters and campers to protest this water grab by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. If you don't, you may have nothing left in Northern Nevada to fish or hunt, and no place to camp when you need a weekend away from the rat race that is Las Vegas.

Devin Rattazzi


Bring back Lewis

To the editor:

Last weekend's Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon just wasn't the same without Jerry Lewis. What the organization did to him is utterly despicable.

It may have raised a lot of money -- the vast majority from corporate sponsors -- but the MDA lost the support of a lot of little guys like me.

Jim Lenz

Las Vegas

Sebelius off the mark

To the editor:

In Steve Sebelius' Wednesday column on job creation, he points out that the nation's armed forces are government jobs. I don't believe any of the potential Republican challengers to President Obama have called for the dissolution of said forces. In addition, if government is such a panacea of job growth, why haven't the liberal extremists called for universal conscription? In fact, wasn't it Mr. Sebelius' ilk who eliminated conscription in the heyday of "flower power"?

As for police and fire services, they are a legitimate use of government funds, but the gross overpaying for these services to garner votes is not (hello, North Las Vegas). Hoover Dam? Built by the Fives Company, not government bureaucrats, which explains why the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Anyone remember any recent public works project that can claim the distinction?

Education? Don't make me laugh. Is there anyone who thinks the Clark County School District compares favorably to any of the valley's Christian academies?

If government regulations are so important to protect us poor heads of mush, please explain Bernie Madoff to me. In that case, government regulators actually gave him gravitas by endorsing his operation as above board. And who was it who created the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mess that gutted the home market? How about that triumvirate of public-sector oversight, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Maxine Waters?

Although Mr. Sebelius believes that government regulations protect the public, they in fact are just one more way for the political class to reward supporters and punish rivals. See the Dotty's fiasco.

But the real cherry on Mr. Sebelius' delusions was his insistence that a balanced budget is bad for the country. Really? Living within one's means is a bad thing? Bad, perhaps, for the government unions and the other members of the parasite class, but it's exactly what rational folks do on a week-by-week basis.

With liberals having beliefs like Mr. Sebelius, is it any wonder the county, state and nation are in effect, under water?

Mark Morris

Las Vegas

Christie comment

To the editor:

So New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie thinks those who travel to Las Vegas in the summer are "stupid" (Thursday Review-Journal)?

Gov. Christie is a classic example of a politician who needs at least an average communications team.

Ruben Hood

North Las Vegas